Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bloom Where you Are Planted..

The daylily watch is really beginning....  I am just in love with these flowers.  it speaks to me of my heritage and my destiny.  I stood by both of my grandmothers and looked at these flowers..I  stood by both of my parents and looked at them I stand by all  of my children and look at these flowers, Betsy and I am going to stand by my grandsons this year and look at them.....I am the third generation of flower growers so far. and there are 2 more after me..  I am sure the women before my Grandmothers loved flowers too.  it is just in my blood (line)..and I intend to pass it son Jon is already proving to be quite the gardener..I am so happy to see him enjoying it......he is really talented...and my daughter's sons and husband are gardeners for really is something to this bloodline goal is passing on the good and getting rid of the bad....kinda like cultivating the flowers and pulling up the weeds..

Enjoy with me this morning's pictures...get out and find some flowers to look at up close..they are just beautiful..

my brother gave this to me, so it is 'my Dana' when I look at it.

even Maggie and Bo like them

looking for rain

beginning of a dream of a patio surrounded by gardenias

Mama's seedling

anticipating open lilies
Miss Huff's first blooms
Thank you for looking at the daylilies with me this morning....I never get tired of the beauty of flowers and sharing them with you....wonder if I can find some more dirt to make another flowerbed in........until next time..


  1. What a beautiful garden you have and so nice that it is multi-generational, too! Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. thank you Marguerite..I tried your remoulade potato salad last night...we both liked it very much...