Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Flowers and Dishes

What came first?  my love of flowers or my love of dishes?  kinda like the chicken and the egg.  I have always loved both for as long as I can remember.  I plant my flowers with a thought to how they will look in an arrangement on the dining table.  I think about the dishes that I can use with thm too.  It's all a part of homemaking.  Making things beautiful and comforting and harmonious.

I bought these gorgeous plates several months ago and have waited until just the right combination of flowers were bloming in my garden.  And the wait is over for the first round.  These dahlias are just starting their long gift of blooms.  One little tuber will make many flowers and last until frost.  The main one in this arrangement is Otto's Thrill, probably my favorite dahlia.  It's the big purple/pink one.

all that you see was thrifted except the bowls and they were bought online

this cream and gold vase belonged to my Grandmother Lewis

My goal in life is to spread beauty.  It is too easy to look around for the negative and the ugly.  There are always flowers and pretty china.  When I set about putting all of this together, no matter what my mood is.. By the time I am done, I am in a good mood..  Focusing on something good and beautiful really does lift my mood.  Not always easy to do but I try.

Put something pretty on your table..anything..no matter how small.  Make the effort and I promise you that it will pay off.  Even my husband really enjoys eating a meal surrounded by a pretty tablescape.  Who was it that said we eat with our eyes?  well, give them something pretty to eat..

During all these up and down times I have to make the choice to intentionally do things like set the table.  I am not able to get myself there every day but at least most days are ok..

I hope y'all find something here inspirational...