Friday, December 12, 2014

Seeing through new lenses

Well, I just selected and ordered my new camera that is my gift for Christmas from my husband.

It was a week long ordeal of comparing and deciding.  I know I will be in love!


I needed to get in one last log of pictures before the big switcheroo to the new one....

Here are lots of just random shots from the last few weeks.....enjoy...

A beautiful tablescape that never got posted, some sweet dog pictures and catching the sunlight just right one morning...after the few Christmas shots....
Well, well...I got some pictures posted in December after all..

Merry Christmas y'all..



  1. Awesome photos, favorite are the ones with the sun shining through the trees...we haven't seen sun in days and it's starting to really get to me!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hope you were able to see the comment that I just left. I do not see it on your page. Anyway, I cannot wait to see what you and the new camera can do!!

  3. Hello! Can you believe I am actually on the bog scene ! Lol! Just reading not posting! (It's me, vickie from Instagram) which camera and lens did you decide on? Your pictures are so beautiful, I don't know how you could improve!

  4. My goodness! Your garden is so beautifully sun-kissed. A new camera will inspire lots of photos that must be shared, right?! =D

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful that I can't imagine why you would need a new camera. You have a wonderful eye for capturing things at just the right moment. I hope you enjoy your Christmas gift and I look forward to seeing the new photos you take.

  6. Beautiful post and pictures! Merry Christmas!