Saturday, October 11, 2014

This Girl

Today this girl turns two.   my granddaughter MaryElla...

This is how she looks at me and runs toward me...absolutely melts my heart...

 With 3 brothers, she has to love soccer...

 Probably my all time favorite of her..captures her personality so well....she's playful and confident..

She looks to the future fearlessly.surrounded by family that loves her..

And she will one day do great things..this granddaughter of mine...oh how I waited and waited to have you in my life.....

Happy Happy Birthday my sweet girl. May you always be as beautiful and confident and fearless as you are now.

And may you  love our God all the days of your life...
You are truly a blessing beyond words..
the desire of my heart...

I love you, Honey


  1. She's an angel! What a beauty, what a lovely sweet and wonderful post.

    I too hope and pray to be a grandmother one day. I never knew mine and I had children can be so unpredictable - I would never have guessed I wouldn't be a g'ma by now. Well I think yours is a sweetums for sure!

  2. Oh Mona, she is beautiful - what a special little girl Happy Birthday to Mary and may all her wishes come true. You are truly blessed.

  3. She is truly beautiful and I know a blessing. I love my Grandson so much and now we are going to be blessed with another baby in the Spring. I've got fingers crossed it's a girl!

  4. She is absolutely adorable! And favors you! Your photography has done a fine job of capturing her spirit! Well done!

  5. Beatrice Emaline turned two just a month ago. Who knows...maybe one day they'll meet each other in college. :-) Cherry Kay

  6. Your Granddaughter is precious, Mona. I hope she had a birthday filled with so much love and happiness.