Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hedges and Crepe Myrtles

As some of you may remember, last year we had a great hedge massacre when our neighbor mistakenly thought our hedge was on his property and chopped it down!!!   I was very upset, to say the least.. LOL

BUT.......  the story has a happy ending.  These pictures were just taken and as you can see, the hedge has made a most wonderful comeback...It is blooming happily and has grown thicker since the cutdown..  That, my friend is the value of a very old landscape.  The roots of this hedge are so old and they were able to recover easily...  I am hoping that I can recover so easily when a setback comes in my life...  This emphasizes the need to have deep roots in my life...  So when someone cuts me down and thinks they have killed me..well, just you watch and see....these roots are deep and this girl can comeback in very unexpecting ways...

And then, we have our crepe myrtles...Some of them are ancient...some of them are just a few years old..
All of them are beautiful...

I will have to tell you about all of our redbirds next time..We have a family of them and have watched them grow up..One of them sits on the bird feeder and eats and eats..he is there right now as I type this blog.. I can see 6 redbirds at our feeders eating lunch..  LOL  I surely look forward to their visits everyday..

Well, that's enough for today..
Thank you for stopping in.  I hope this day is going well for you.....



  1. Not only are the photos in these pictures very beautiful (I LOVE crepe myrtles), but the message that you shared at the very beginning really hit home for me. I needed to hear that. I'm currently a hedge that has been mowed down. Thanks for that encouragement.

  2. That is the best news about your hedges! They are lush and beautiful. The crape/crepe myrtles are gorgeous! How you must enjoy them.

  3. I am so happy your hedges came back...and your crepe myrtles are gorgeous. I have a 2 year old red one...I thought I lost it due to the harsh winter, but it is doing great, so far.
    Have a wonderful week, Mona.

  4. So glad that your hedge came back. Your tress are very lovely and such pretty colors. Love to watch the birds while they are eating. We don;t have any red birds, but lots of wrens and hummers.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  5. Oh, how I love that analogy!!! What was that Gloria Gaynor song..."I Will Survive"!!! :-) This was a great story about how something good can come out of something really bad. What on earth possessed your neighbor to do that without at least making sure???!?!?! Oh, well...water under the bridge. Good thing you now have your hedges back stronger than ever!

    Beautiful trees!

  6. I think you already had a comeback in your life, dear, sweet Mona. Your story has always impressed me and I admire you.
    Thank you for asking how I've been. Grief is a process, I must admit. I realize I'm strong, but I'm still praying for peace. I'm trying to remember blessings and thankfulness in my life. xo

  7. Great message, my friend and your photos are as beautiful as usual!!

  8. I loved your words today, Mona. They are so symbolic of life. My heart sings when I see the crepe myrtle trees. I've seen the white ones and the pink ones, but never the red ones. They are GORGEOUS! I am so into nature, and whenever I come over and visit with you, it's like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for that.


    by the way, be sure to let me know if you ever take pictures of any red birds. I see a lot of pretty birds around here, but they are very ordinary looking. I would love to see your redbirds sometime. :~)

  9. Hi Mona,
    So glad your hedges came back! Your crepe m are gorgeous! I need a few of those hot pink blooms for my table! I read your comment about how some never leave a comment no matter how many times you leave them one. So annoyng isn't it?
    Hope you are well! I haven't been blogging much this summer, trying to enjoy this short season!