Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Flowers

Dahlia at Dusk

May your weekend be filled with rest and refreshment..

May your days be peaceful and contain joy..

Remember to stop...

and take time for flowers..



  1. Ahhhh...lovely to see a healthy dahlia!

  2. Gorgeous color on that dahlia! Hope your week-end is special, too!!

  3. I hope your weekend has been as beautiful as that dahlia!

  4. Gorgeous dahlia.There are so many varieties of dahlias! I could obsess about them but I must accept I do not have enough sun to affectively grow them. One of my fondest memories are a visit to my daughters when they lived in the Tacoma, Washington area and we went to the farmers market and bought a bouquet of dahlias.
    I hope your weekend was filled with rest and refreshment also.

  5. Oh, this is beautiful, Mona. Sometimes these short simple posts are just perfect.


  6. Oh, AMEN to this. It's during this time of year that I often get so tired of the heat that I forget to remember that when the heat finally goes, the flowers will go with it. This year, I'm trying very hard to stop and enjoy them while they are here. (From behind the window of an air conditioned car most of the time, but that's irrelevant. Ha!)