Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Field of flowers

I found this post from a few years ago and thought it was so appropriate for right now..Maybe some of you have not seen it before..and since we are in the midst of zinnia season, I hope you enjoy my words and pictures this morning...

Every once in a while a dream becomes a reality..I mean the vision kind...something that you have seen in your heart and dreamed about one day seeing in real time...Yesterday, that very thing happened to me....we were in the mountains around Clayton GA and rode up to an overlook at the Dillard House..and lo and behold right there...there it was!!! something I have seen in my mind a million times...row after row of blooming ZINNIAS..

I could not wait to get out with my camera and get in the middle of them..here are a few pictures..experiencing them was so much better but I hope you can get a glimpse of this summertime flower......one day, in my own yard, I will plant row after row of zinnias.

I just love it when something happens like this.totally unexpected..a little life gift...just riding along a mountain road and WHAM!! just like that..a suddenly...I am right upon something that I have only dreamed about...that is what life is like...make good choices and don't ever stop....PERSEVERE and just when you least expect it..there is total and complete BREAKTHROUGH! what I saw in my heart broke through and I saw with my eyes..I was not looking for it but when I saw it, I KNEW this is IT!!!!! what I had only dreamed about...

What are your dreams??? they don't have to be spectacular..they can be as simple as a field of zinnias...or they can be as big as a children's hospital..the point is...KEEP ON KEEPING ON...when you least expect it, it happens..it might just be right around the next curve in the road...or right up that little hill...

Dreams are good things..they give us hope...don't let anyone steal your dreams...even if they seem unrealistic..that's okay..they are DREAMS!!

thank you dear friends for reading along this morning and visiting the field of zinnias..they were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! suddenly a dream fulfilled...
Love, Mona


  1. Mona - I thought about you constantly, when we were recently in North Carolina. Daylilies were planted in huge numbers along the sides of the expressway. It was like a dream!

  2. So pretty!! Love the picture of you with them :)

  3. Wow, Mona! That field of zinnias is incredible and just breathtakingly gorgeous! Great pics!

  4. Beautiful! Love the photos! I would love to have seen this with my own eyes.

  5. I love Zinnias and these photos are amazing!

  6. I love the field of zinnias. It is a wonderful goal for you on a smaller scale because you have sun. I would love to have this many zinnias to cut and arrange. Would you believe I grew zinnia's in Fairbanks, AK in my flower beds that were as big as a salad plate. I promise I am not exaggerating. With 24 hours of sun they were huge. Wish I had a picture to prove it.

    These are beautiful pics. I would be thrilled to see it.

  7. Thanks for sharing this again ... my favorite flower and my favorite place to overeat!

  8. What a beautiful field of zinnias, Mona. You know, I saw this flower on a friend's post recently and asked them what they were, and she told me it was the "zinnia." I told her that I want to plant some one day. That must have been a sight for you.

    Thank you for the gentle reminder keep my DREAMS alive. I hope you are enjoying the summer days.


  9. Ohhhhh...takes the breath away! It's almost like seeing the tulips in spring. So your goal is to have lots and lots of zinnias. How is your zinnia garden doing this year? My dream is on the back burner again because my dream stresses me out so much that I don't see how it can be my dream. LOL!

  10. Such lovely colors under the sun! It certainly was a great gift to be able to see all these colorful flowers – a picture that will stay in your mind for years. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Hi Mona,

    It's been a while, huh? Your photos today make me feel as if I, myself, am daydreaming of the most spectacularly beautiful zinnias I have EVER seen - both in my dreams and in reality!! How lucky you are to have stepped into your dream of such a pretty paradise on earth!! Thank you for taking us with you!

    Happy weekend to you, my friend. And I hope we stay in touch!