Monday, December 9, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The house is almost finished with decorations...Only the outside remains and the weather is supposed to be nice enough on Wednesday to do that..

This weather is PERFECT for sewing..and I have been doing a lot of that..well, I feel like it is playing because I love it so much..I am learning a monogramming program and surely needed some practice..wink, wink...and since Applique Corner had a great sale, I got some applique patterns with  Christmas designs...
But I am an extreme novice so it is taking me F.O.R.E.V.E.R to do even one design....I think I will have to put this away until after Christmas...but got a few things done for the youngest 3 grandchildren....

These are my very first attempts at applique and monogram combined.  I loved doing it..had way more fun than I had imagined...

I noticed when I added these pictures that some of the lights in them are blinking..LOL  I have no idea why!!  Oh the mysteries of the internet....

I just wanted to pop in and say hello and share a little love...and Merry Christmas spirit....

I have been thinking while I was sewing...serious stuff. LOL  I wonder what you all use to keep up with other blogs.  I use Bloglovin and am not really in love with it.  I feel like I am missing a lot of blogs since the Reader went away this summer.  I never have gotten the hang of this new way...Can y'all give me some suggestions?  What do you use to keep up with everybody?  please help me with this....

Thank you for stopping by...
Love, Mona

I will share this with Inspire Me Tuesday


  1. Hi Mona, your sparking tree is gorgeous. I love the monogrammed garments for the kiddos. They would cost a mint had you bought them and not made them yourself. I have my own blogroll on a separate page. I think I saved the instructions for how to make that page in my email if you want it. It does involve HTML code but if I did it it was not hard as all that makes me very anxious. Now I am going to catch up on your posts because I have been away for a long time. Love, olive

  2. Mona, I love your projects and the best thing is how much you enjoyed doing them.

    The blinking lights on your picture is so cool! I saw it before I read what you wrote and immediately thought how did she do that?

    You and I are both thinking blog questions. I would be interested in the email instructions for blogroll from Olive too. I get the bloglovin everyday in my email but I seldom get to the end of it.

    I put snowflakes drifting on my blog but they were pretty large pencil eraser size detailed snowflakes so I deleted them. I like the tiny drifting snow. I may keep looking but it was time consuming.

  3. I love your monograms and your twinkling lights are lovely :)

  4. Hi Mona, your sewing projects are really good. I do not understand Bloglovin either so don't feel bad.
    Tree is very pretty and I like the blinking lights.

  5. Oh it looks so lovely at your place! And how sweet your gifts for the grands. I am not doing so well keeping up...I mostly use my blogroll.

  6. I wish I could give you some pointers on that crazy Bloglovin, Mona, but it has me totally baffled, too!!! I can't seem to leave a comment on the blogs that I access through it. I've lost several people, it's something else new to learn at a time when I have neither the time or patience...what a pain!!! I hope you're able to figure it out because I've just about given up on it altogether!

    For a "novice" you sure did some great projects for the grandkids!!!

    Weird how those lights just automatically started twinkling! Big Brother is a little too close for comfort! :-) Have a great week!!!!!

  7. Mona, you did a great job with the sewing projects...that is one thing I have tried, tried, tried and tried, just no talent when it comes to needles and thread!
    I love your twinkling photos...have never seen that happen before.

  8. Mona, the applique looks great. Bring your machine to Lubbock and I'll work with you :)... Merry Christmas. xo Marlis

  9. Oh I adore the appliques and the lights are just so cute. Very clever. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  10. Mona, I am very happy using Feedly to read all "my" blogs. It's easy to click through to leave comments, and you can mark posts you want to return to with "keep unread." The free version works very well across all my devices --iPad, iPhone, home laptop and work computer. Love your twinkling photos -- very fun!

  11. Mona - I always have admired your sewing skills - your grandchildren will have such lovely memories of all of the precious things that you have made for them. Your house looks gorgeous! Mine is pretty bare this year, since my little family will not be celebrating Christmas, until the 28th!! I know your house will be rocking, during the holidays!

  12. You have such a pretty tree, Mona, and I love the twinkling lights. I wish I knew how you did that.