Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Country Home Tablescaping

Kathleen of Cuisine Kathleen has asked us to copy a table that we  found in a magazine picture.  I was so excited about this challenge because I do love my magazines.  I have them saved from many years back and go through them periodically...So when this challenge came about, I found this beautiful table in one of my recent Christmas magazines..from 2012. One of my favorites...Country Home..It is not published monthly anymore..Here is the table I am copying....

the white plates

Someone is messing with my photos...This just happened when I loaded them to my album...LOL
I did not add this on purpose....but it is ever so cool...

A simple white flower on antique monogrammed napkins...elegance...

The tablecloth is felted wool...from a church thrift store years ago....

One of my regulars...Antique by Lenox yellow.

Morning light is fantastic for photography..

Green and white flowers in a milkglass vase..

Simplicity of this table....

The acorns and oak leaves are one of the themes throughout our home..  This is Johnson Brothers Historic America salad plates..

Old silverplate of different patterns..

Here is the picture I copied.  I really loved the simplicity of this tablescape and I already had all the dishes to do this with..All I needed were the flowers that I bought from Trader Joe's yesterday.  They have great flowers and great prices..

December 2012
A few pictures at night.....

I loved, loved, loved this challenge...thank you Kathleen for your fun idea....

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog...I surely appreciate you..and wish you a Merry Christmas...

Next week I will show my main dining room tablescape. I have been so excited about it and love the way it is turning out....all beginning with a beautiful vintage plaid Pendleton blanket ...

Love, Mona

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  1. Mona, this is gorgeous! And you did a fabulous job of following the inspiration photo. I really love the colors you've used here, and the Johnson Brothers dishes are some of my favorites.

  2. Mona, what a great job you did on copying your inspiration photo for the magazine. I love the simplicity, too. How wonderful that you had everything but the flowers. The shots of the tree in the background are fabulous. Hugs to you!!

  3. Beautiful. Very impressed with your sense of style.
    I am a little bit (a lot, really) jealous of your photography skills.
    Since this is my first visit to your blog, I looked over some past posts. I will be visiting again for sure

  4. You did a beautiful job, Mona! The table is simple and lovely! How great that you had everything you needed. Now keep your eyes open for one for next year, cause we are doing it again! Even if you and I are the only ones who liked doing it, we will do it! :)
    Thanks so much for taking the challenge at Let's dish!

  5. Beautiful table! You did a great job on Kathleen's challenge!

  6. Love your inspiration and how your table turned out! Your twinkling lights are beautiful on your tree in the background!

  7. Great job Mona! Glad you had fun. Snow and twinkling lights are so cool.

  8. Beautiful table and perfect copy, Mona. I love your pictures taken at night with the gorgeous tree in the background...Christine

  9. I love the simplicity of your table, Mona. You did a great job. I love the twinkling lights, wish you could figure out how to post them!

  10. Wow, I had to keep scrolling back and forth to see which was your table and which was the inspiration photo! Beautiful! Looking forward to your Christmas dining room!

  11. Mona your table turned out so fabulous. I love that shade of green and the brown transferware plates. You did a wonderful job. Great photos also!
    hugs, Linda

  12. Wonderful Photograpy! Your challenge photo in the magazine is lovely but you really achieved your goal. The green tablecloth with the brown transferware goes great together. The different lilighting in the photos was just so soft and pleasing! Your tablescape is fabulous!


  13. Hi Mona, My photos also took on a magical twinkle when I uploaded them! Must be some of Santa's elves! I also have a huge stash of magazines and a special stash of Christmas ones! You did a wonderful job of imitating a beautiful table. Love the brown transferware and the monogrammed linens too! Linda

  14. Just beautiful. Elegantly done.Love the pleasing color combination.Your table matche the photo. Love sujatha..:):)

  15. Well done, Mona. I love the simplicity of this table; the colors are soothing and welcoming. It all looks so cozy and perfect for a holiday dinner. Bravo! Rosie

  16. Mona - you did a fabulous job recreating the inspirational photo. I love seeing white flowers in the fall and winter and your photos are spectacular!!

  17. Love this...beautiful replication and table setting. The white for winter is spectacular.

  18. Wow, you nailed it! I had to take a 2nd look because it looked so close to your inspiration picture!

  19. You copied that magazine just right and I might add they do not have actual moving sparkles:}

  20. Lovely tablescape ~ love those plates! Love how your photo sparkles too.


  21. Oh, Mona your tablescape is gorgeous!!!! You copied that so well...what a neat challenge. Funny back when I started this blog I had intended on REALLY being a tablescape blog - and it has morphed into anything but, it seems..............I have literally a bajillion dishes I have never shared. It's so tiring to lug it all out from the basement, shameful isn't it? I have such high hopes to get my energy back to share - hopefully for next week!? : - ) Hugs.

  22. Mona, elegant simplicity! This is truly gorgeous. I adore those plates with the acorn borders, your exquisite monogramed linens, the felted cloth, the vintage stems…….each and every detail is stunning. A+ my friend!

  23. Beautiful job Mona! The plates are gorgeous the borders are beautiful. The simplicity is marvelous, you did a great job in reproducing the image of your inspiration table.


  24. Hi Mona,

    What a great idea for a decorating challenge! Your tablescape is very elegant, featuring those quieter, paler colours, like the olive greens and the burgundy browns, which always are warm and inviting. Lovely!

    Merry Christmas!

    PS: LOVE your Christmas tree!

  25. Oooohhhh....can't wait to see the tablescape with the Pendleton blanket!!! Pendleton was my signature clothing for a number of years when I worked in an office. LOVED it!!! Still do!

    You did a grat job in your interpretation! Having the plates was a great start!!!

    Love that Trader Joe's! Never have bought a bad flower from that place!

  26. Beautiful in its simplicity. Truley a picture perfect tablescape. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  27. Gorgeous pictures - you did a marvelous job recreating this tables cape! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,