Friday, September 27, 2013

Garden Musing

This is mostly visual this morning....As I sat down to read for a few minutes, there was a bull's eye right outside my window...I think you will agree that it is another of nature's masterpieces......

Here are more in the same area..As the sun rose, the light shifted and more were highlighted as others faded into invisibility......fascinating...

  the bud of Johnny Jumpups....or spider lilies...

Sweet Annie....

Sedum blooms.....

I have never seen so many spider webs....I am sure there is some folklore to go along with this.  I noticed just yesterday that others are beginning to write  about the harsh winter that is ahead for the east coast..  I do believe that nature is a pretty good predictor of weather patterns...but I am not very good at reading these signs...maybe I should google some of this....when I have some time.....

Thank you for stopping by you have a bull's eye in your garden?



  1. Yup. I was sitting here last night and happened to gaze up at the transom, which is a bugger to clean, and noticed spider webs all over the place. (It was just washed not two weeks ago!) I don't know about this harsh winter prediction stuff, but there sure are a lot of berries this year!

    Oh meant to say that your spider seems to be especially talented!

  2. Your garden looks beautiful! And you always capture the most amazing webs!! We have had wild squirrels in our garden...gathering nuts in such a wild way. My neighbor actually stepped outside when I did because we could not believe the scene. It left us both wondering if we are in fact in for a big winter!?!?! Gorgeous garden! Happy Weekend!!

  3. I do have a bull's eye in my garden. I tried to take a photo with my camera phone yesterday, but that camera is totally hopeless. Love all of your pictures - you just keep getting better and better. You really should do a gardening book, Mona. You have so much to offer!

  4. Awesome pics. You captured the spider webs beautifully. We have an amazing Creator.

  5. Mona,
    I love nature pictures so much. The spider web is spooky, and goes well for the Halloween month. The leaf looks like it's in the shape of a heart. I still haven't got a good picture of the butterfly, as they fly away too quickly. This one is so pretty.

    Happy October, Mona!