Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In the HEAT of it ALL

When Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen issued this challenge...a summer table...I thought of flowers,of course....

Nothing says summer to me like that was my starting point .  I don't know what it is about blue that reminds people of water..I always think of sky when I see sky...hmmm.  I don't really ever say blue water...and the water around here in ponds is green or brown or murky..we don't see much blue water in Georgia..and there are mud puddles..thousands of them...LOL   .oh well, just my way of thinking....BUT, these little blue vases did start reminding me of cooler weather and water. so, here it is....My late summer table.....

I found these plates recently at our Salvation Army store..not very many of them and most of them were chipped but I found four..even if they are quite crazed I like them. and they are cheaper than paper plates to use..and they are made in, win, win...

Next came this piece of fabric from my HUGE STASH well thought out and carefully selected pieces of fabric....

S.U.M.M.E.R.T.I.M.E  and the living is easy...

This silverware (do y'all call it that?) is from my childhood and is probably my most cherished piece of family history...   I love that I am using the exact spoons to eat cereal with today, that me, my sister, and brother used to eat our cereal with 50 years ago..  My Mama was one modern loving woman..we lived in a house that was the Brady Bunch style....very modern and sleek...Her dishes were timeless as this picture shows..

Basil for the table...wish you could smell it....summer in a vase...

And here are the zinnias..  the ones that have survived this monsoon season we are having.. in a condiment set that I bought just for flower arranging...yes, I am like that..everything has to have flower arranging capabilities...

Green depression glass says summer too..this budvase was my Grandmother's and sat on my parents breakfast table a long time..

I am realizing more and more that I am really a very vintage girl.  I like vintage dishes and home decorating.  I always have, as you can see in my nod to the 60's with my tablecovering fabric....

Yes, Twiggy would be proud of my flower power table...

After proofreading this post, I wanted to add a positive word about all of our rain before I published this  ....
I have only had to water my gardens once or twice this whole summer...I am not kidding.. and everything is green, green and lush and growing in leaps and you see, there really is an upside to all the rain..and I am very thankful for rain...all of it!!

I'm so glad you stopped by today..

I hope you will take time to go and visit the parties where I am linking up this week.  There are lots of good ideas and beautiful blogs to visit.  and some nice people to meet..

Please come again soon....


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  1. Beautiful summer table, Mona! Your zinnias are gorgeous! Love how you displayed them and I also like your bird plates....Christine

  2. Mona, I have one little bread and butter plate in this pattern. I purchased the lone plate, because I loved the pattern. Lucky you to find 4 of them at a GW Store! I love the idea of the flowers in the condiment holder. I'm going to have to remember to borrow that idea some time. Pretty summer table. laurie

  3. Mona - I love all of this post! The glass, those great dishes and your flowers, of course. Your house was modern for our home town and I always loved driving by it. My best-friend-from-birth from my other home town had the only modern house that I knew there. Loved the sleek style - it was so different from all of the older homes. I always enjoy your posts - so many of them remind me of things that I have forgotten and these days, I need all of the help I can get - lol!!

  4. What a fun post Mona! I love how you bunched your flower power fabric up and combined so many bright and eclectic things! That is funny that your mom was all Brady bunch modern and you like vintage~ My favorite part is the zinnias in the condiment server! Brilliant!

  5. Mona,

    Your table and all its prettiness is wonderful. I love the 60s nod, and for sharing those things that bring you happy family memories.

    I also love your thankfulness about the rain. Your "silver lining" attitude is commendable. You are such a sweet lady.



  6. Mona, lucky you with all the summer rain. Your zinnias are happy and that basil looks so lush. I love the smell of fresh basil. It's one of my favorite plants to mix into an arrangement for the fresh fragrance. Your table is bright and cheerful. Happy summer!

  7. I love Zinnias. My mom and dad used to grow a beautiful big zinnia garden, the colors were all so vibrant. Every time I plant them - the rabbits eat them. I like those green stemware - very unusual - goes great with your fun tablecloth.

  8. Mona, your "stash" sounds as carefully "arranged" as mine is! :) I am chuckling at your description of the color of water in the ponds. I suppose it does appear less blue in lakes! I can just smell that gorgeous basil and your zinnias are so pretty. I will have to cut some of mine tomorrow. Have a wonderful rest of the summer! Linda

  9. Mona what a lovely table. I adore these colors and the zinnias are one of my favorite flowers!

  10. That is a beautiful table, but the fresh cut flowers truly steal the show!!! Just lovely!!!

  11. Love the color of the glass - really sets the mood.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. I can't even list all of the details that I love about this beautiful table! I like the way you have used the cruet set as a vase. Wonderful color scheme! Great table....

  13. Beautiful! It's the zinnias that make it, of course.

  14. Well I have probably complained about the excess rain for the both of us! We have just lived the most glorious week of sunshiny days the like of which may push all memory of soggy, moldy, mushy days away. I hope the same for you!

    Now that table looks like summer and a sweet summer, too. You can always create some sunshine with your tablescapes!

  15. I love your table, especially using the castor set as vases. I have an old one with beautiful etched glass pieces and it just sits hidden away. The glassware is such a pretty shade of green. Varages plates are really hard to find and when I do find them, they are quite expensive. I have 3 in the libellule (dragonfly)pattern and haven't been able to find a 4th one in many years that I felt I could afford. I refuse to pay $30 for a dinner plate!
    Have a wonderful week, Mona...

  16. Mona,
    Your table setting is so clean and fresh and says....Summer. The table cloth is bright and cheerful. I am especially in love with your Grandmother's green vase. It is so pretty, and such a treasure. That is so special that you are still using the same silverware that you did from your childhood. I laughed when you mentioned the Brady Bunch house. That was my favorite show growing up. I always wanted Marcia and Jan's room haha.

    Your Zinnias are lovely. Yes, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, I love it!

    Have a wonderful day.


  17. I love those plates too, love the tiny birdie, four plates can make a really pretty place setting and I love the way you paired them with the tablecloth...Phyllis

  18. I love your table setting! I bet your basil smells amazing. I had basil ice cream for the first time and it was such a wonderful treat. Hope you have a great week.

  19. This is a gorgeous summer tablescape - love the vibrant colors of the tablecloth, the dishes and most especially the zinnias! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  20. Yes, I always called it silverware, flatware wasn't part of my vocab until blogging!
    Love your summer fun scape, it does look very vintage! The glasses are so pretty!