Monday, November 28, 2011

Out with the turkeys, In with the reindeer

Will and Mac made the place cards

Well, it is certainly time to shift gears around this house!  I have spent the weekend trying to plan out a direction for decorating for Christmas...I have pulled out ALL of my decorations so I can see what I have and donate any that I am not going to use anymore.  I have collected for more than ..well, A LONG time....and the majority of the decorations are vintage and some really old things....and now I have to keep in mind that 3 curious little boys will love being able to touch all of the Christmas more post to kinda clean up my pictures from Thanksgiving and the pictures that I meant to share but haven't yet.....I hope you's kinda lengthy but we had a lot of further adieu.....

act like that aluminum pan is NOT on there
Jon and Michelle and a better view of the pan that is NOT on the buffet...LOL

all set

there's something special about a 5 yr old's handwriting.

love these people...

when Will looks at me like this, well....never knew love like this before

Jon and Michelle listening intently to Betsy...we could name this portion CROSSFIRE!


Marshall thoroughly enjoyed his meal..

the other side of crossfire.....
and now that all of the thanksgiving festivities have been shared , it is time to move on to the Christmas season.....

confused cactus.....Christmas or Thanksgiving??

the jeweled balls are OUT...some from my childhood but most from later collecting or ones I made..
and now I will move into posting about Christmas....I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful  and filled with family and thankfulness...we have come a long way in 17 years..but that is another post for another time...

I really appreciate your taking the time to stop by and share in my life with me.....I am amazed at how far reaching this little blog has again, thank you...and I hope to see you again soon..

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  1. Everything looks beautiful and delicious! I love the jeweled balls. You've inspired me ... maybe I'll have to make some now!