Friday, April 1, 2011

The Story of far

Today is an important one in my life..  Fourteen years ago I married the love of my life..

I know that can sound so trite unless it is the truth......we had a storybook love story .....very romantic........
and a wedding that was very a feed and seed store in Tennessee with sweet tea from Mrs. Winner's as a reception...LOL  and we were off..on the biggest adventure of our is a good thing the courtship and wedding were so absolutely romantic and sweet.....BECAUSE it has been one thing after another since that day..
Isn't that the way life is???  It's all about the MARRIAGE...the after the honeymoon stuff that really makes up our lives?

wedding basket of flowers

I usually ask Bryan on our anniversary if he would marry me again and he always says YES!  I would marry him again in a heartbeat...we have been good for one another..we have grown a lot and learned a lot and built a life together and a business together...and we are still very much in process..but most of all, we have been happy.
Happy with the one we have chosen to live  our life with.
and we are in love.

anniversary roses

I love the date we got married....April Fool's Day..
it is the time when all of the earth starts to come alive after a hard and cold winter....when the buds begin to emerge..the flowers start to show their color..the redbirds look for things to build their nest with..and the sweetheart rose forms it's buds..
It is a time of awakening...that is what our wedding did for was a time of awakening for both of us...we had been through very hard cold winters in our lives.

BUT..the springtime came and it has never left..we are indeed walking in new life..not perfect..but indeed a good place for us.

us today
                     I love the sign on this building next to happened as just a sweet accident.
we do indeed live life as this sign says....we are sugarlands is a whole lot better than living in bitterness and unforgiveness...we all have our reasons but it is better to let it all go and move on....
Their is a story of 'you' that needs to be written....

I am grateful to God for bringing us one could have done it as perfectly as He did...but we had to yield to Him....

                                        Happy Anniversary to the man of my dreams.....I love you....

thank you for reading along today....

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