Friday, December 7, 2018

O Christmas Tree

The theme of my tree this year was elusive for weeks.  I just could not get any inspiration.
 then, shiny brites.. yes, the vintage glass ornaments.  But what color?  I always choose a main color.

Here is my inspiration piece..  ALL COLORS  written in the handwriting of a woman years ago and as I picked up this box, a soft whisper..  Yes, do all the colors.  at first I thought, tacky, but..well, you'll see...

I decorated this tree for me.  and to make something happy and pretty so there are no staged photographs, just real life.  Hope you enjoy them. I never expected to have such response form everyone about the few pictures I have put on Instagram and Facebook.  My husband has laughed with joy at seeing it several times.. and I LOVE IT!

All of the ornaments I used are old.  Mostly shiny brites with some from West Germany, Poland, Japan, and Austria.  As I opened bin after bin, I could not believe how many I had collected through the years from thrift stores. Hundreds. Now they are all on this tree and the new ones have gone back to the thrift store for someone else to buy..
Enjoy and may it bring laughter and beauty to your day..

And in the living room where we have the fireplace, a much simpler tree.  But I love it too.
dramatic and moody and cozy

I hope you are all having a peaceful Christmas season.  Remember why we are celebrating.
Jesus really is the reason..

Merry Christmas y'all
Love, Mona


  1. 🤗 So pretty.and inspirational. I could look at that tree all day. Lots of work, too! Now you can sit down and rest, 🙂

    1. you are so right. Now I am enjoying it. a labor of love..thank you so much Vee
      Love, Mona

  2. Your tree is SO. BEAUTIFUL.!!!!!! Nothing but old Christmas balls and so many that we can hardly see the tree itself. I love it! You have a wonderful eye for decorating!

    Visiting you today from Vee's blog.

  3. Visiting from Vee's blog. All I can say is WOW! Absolutely stunning tree and I love the vintage ornaments! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Just the most celebratory and festive tree ever! My family has a few vintage glass ornaments passed down from the German ancestors, but the collection is dwindling, and each one is precious on several levels now.

  5. I love vintage and antique ornaments,have all of my Mother's, and some I've collected over the years. I use them every single year. BUT...your tree is AMAZING!!!. What a labor of happy you shared on your blog. Thank you for that, and Merry Christmas...

  6. What a delightful tree! So colorful and happy!

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  7. Your Christmas trees are beautiful. I especially like the first one with all the colored ornaments. What treasures they are coming from Germany and Poland and other places from your travels. These are truly lovely pictures, Mona.



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