Tuesday, September 4, 2018

AFTER Labor Day

Spartacus dahlia

Where has the summer gone?  How can it possibly be after Labor Day..  all of my grandchilden are in school.  even the baby of the whole family.  He started preschool today.  And my first grandbaby turned 12 this weekend...  time is indeed fleeting..

But..I have flowers in my garden.  mainly dahlias this time of year and a decent crop of figs and okra.
I am still waiting on the Red Roselle Hibiscus to bloom after planting the seeds way back at the end of February..patience is a virtue, right?

morning glory

sweet autumn clematis

okra blossom


cafe au lait dahlia

 These beautiful flowers are so romantic to me.  They always make me want to capture their elegance with my camera.  I take hundreds of pictures of them in the fall. bringing the artist in me out to play..

variegated liriope

true native wildflower rudbekia

globe amaranth

my dear picking the okra, we actually take turns

aloha rose from husband's Granny

figs and I cannot find the variety name

tuberose and zinnias

artistic beauty
I have so many pictures to share and so little time to compile a blog post.  I hope y'all enjoy these.
If you have ever thought about growing dahlias, DO IT!  They are all the rage now but I started experimenting with them before this wave of popularity started and I love them...so dependable and long lasting.  I pick them all the time so our house has arrangements all around until frost in November.  I can remember the dahlias my Grandmother grew and it seems like if I close my eyes, I am standing right by her side in the path that surrounded her bed of dahlias .  That memory is what nudged me to buy my first 2 dahlia tubers about 10 years ago at Jesse Israel and sons garden center at the  Asheville farmer's market.  I had no idea about them but I quickly learned.  Those 2 tubers are still producing flowers.  probably more than a hundred by now.. One of them I love, one I don't.  then I bought a cafe au lait tuber..my oh my..... If I was just starting out I would be a flower farmer for sure. I love seeing the young women and men grow all of these flowers and make a living doing it..  Yay for the flower farmer movement...

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Thanks for being faithful readers...

Happy fall y'all..
Love, Mona


  1. Some of your glorious dahlias are as large as a plate! Just fabulous, showy flowers. Is it too late to be a flower farmer?

    1. Vee, I guess it really is never too late to be what you want to be... :-)

  2. Your post was perfect. It's so nice to see that you are still reaping the rewards of your garden. I've never tried okra. I'm a little intimidated by them because I've been told that if you don't cook them just right they can be slimy. What can I say? I'm sure I'm missing something special. That Morning Glory flower has the most gorgeous blue shade. What a beauty! Enjoy these last few days of summer! I'm stubbornly hanging on to summer until September 21st!

    1. Thank you so much Maria.. Okra is an acquired taste for some. I grew up eating it and have never even minded the texture.. LOL

  3. Beautiful photos. You are a true gardener
    I love this post.

  4. The Dahlias are such a unique and beautiful flower, aren't they? I have another blog friend who loves them. So many pretty flowers in your garden, Mona. I love the stunning color of the Morning Glory. Your fig crop is wonderful, and it's funny cause I've been craving figs lately. Maybe because Fall is coming. Your Dahlia photos are simply beautiful, Mona.

    Happy September!

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Well. I was writing a comment and it disappeared. Dunno if you'll see it here in it's unfinished state and I'll look foolish, or maybe it has just vanished forever. I'll start over.

    This blog post makes me want to garden! I have come to you via Vee's blog on December 9, 2018, long after you wrote this. I'm subscribing. I like your style and photos, and values.


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