Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Winterpast in June

Here are some flowers around my garden.  The daylilies are blooming beautifully after 18+ straight days  of rain.  The amount of rainfall has set and broken records.  I don't ever remember the kind of downpours we have had day after day.  Around our area some of the crops have been damaged from all the wet weather.  BUT...we are now dry and in the recovery mode.  It seems like summer is returning in some sort of normalcy for now.  We have repaired the washed out paths in the raised bed garden..TWICE..  so, all is well..let the gardening resume.  Just hoping and praying for tomatoes this year.  LOL

One of my favorite pictures of my little frog friend. She loves the daylilies and is often seen inside in the early morning..  Isn't she cute?

Oh the wildness of my gardens this year..

These cleomes come up year after year and I am always happy to see them.  The last time I saw my Mama 15 years ago we had just bought this house.  She handed me a little pot with two cleome plants in it and said these are for your new home.  She had gotten the seeds from cleome around Lake Junaluska the year before and wanted me to have some of the flowers.  They make me smile and this year there are hundreds of these volunteer cleomes...

Hopefully it will be dry enough to mow by tomorrow evening.  Most of this lawn has been like a bog..

I hope your summer is beginning with happiness and peace..  Don't forget to stop and smell the roses..or gardenias.



  1. Crazy weather! You must feel mildewed. Your tomatoes should be fabulous this year!

  2. Your garden is so lovely. You have so many exquisite day lilies. I really have enjoyed your frog pictures on instagram in the day lilies.
    You have had tons of rain! Alberto gave us rain and a lot of wind. I picked up limbs and tips of trees for several hours and filled several wheel barrows full.
    How special that your mother gave you the cleomes and you still have them.
    I have enjoyed smelling the gardenias. Wish they lasted longer.
    Mona, why don't you link up this post to Everyday Living garden party http://everydayliving.me/2018/06/04/gardens-galore-no-7/. You would enjoy all the posts. Such good gardeners.
    Have a great week.

  3. Your garden is beautiful! Sounds like you have had some crazy weather. Hope things level out for you soon.