Friday, March 2, 2018

Herb Gardens

I have loved herbs since I first discovered them on a trip to Williamsburg in the early 70's.  I spent years and years dreaming of just the right way to garden with them.  I collected books and diagrams and checked out every book I could find from my library.  Then, at some point, I decided to just start growing them. I visited an herb farm and bought what she recommended and I was off and running.  I remember her telling me that no matter how big my herb garden was it would never be big enough.  She knew what she was talking about.  There are always more herbs to grow. My very first herb was Arp Rosemary.  and the rest is history.

Thyme, lamb's ears, and lavender

Fast forward about 30 years and there are now herbs tucked in all over my yard and I have almost 2 acres so you can just imagine.

I have dedicated one of the raised beds along the outer perimeter to herbs so they won't be disturbed since most of them grow for more than one season..

herb bed

The extreme temperatures really knocked them back but as you see in the following pictures, they have recovered nicely..

curly leaf parsley



flat leaf parsley favorite


Rose scented geranium
 This one is in the greenhouse and is filled with buds. They will be repotted and brought outside as soon as it gets warmer. A beautifully fragrant plant..

This year I will add some boxwoods to the mix.  I have rooted so many because they are just so easy andI love to root things. 

boxwood that I rooted

Last but not least..  this is a daylily seed as it germinates and breaks through the soil.. the seed is black and the new plant is green.  This is one of my very own crosses that I hybridized last year.  Always so exciting to know this is an absolutely original daylily in the making.  It might take another year before I see a flower but that is half the fun.


  I guess I really did become an herb gardener after all.  Just not the conventional kind.  But that is true to myself..unconventional.  Until next time, get some herbs for your garden.  You will most certainly enjoy them..

 Happy gardening...


rosemary in foreground, redbud tree in background


  1. I've tried rooting boxwood in water and failed. How do you do it?
    I would love to stroll through your garden. We would have so much fun talking.
    Yes, you are a "real herb gardener" extraordinaire I might add!

    1. I stick about an 8 inch cutting in the ground somewhere after I strip about 3/4 of the leaves off..

  2. Look at all those herbs making a comeback. The only one that is a perennial here is chives. I always have a wee kitchen herb garden and it is never enough. i adore rosemary chicken and rosemary potatoes...never enough!

    1. Try sweet potatoes roasted with good..

  3. I didn’t know boxwood was an herb! I’d love a walk in your garden, too! I bet the fragrance is unbelievable.

  4. I love herbs also and have quite a few tucked here and there. Your pictures are great. I cook with a lot of herbs. Enjoy your gardens and thanks for sharing.


  5. Eu utilizo várias ervas aromaticas. As suas estão lindas. No seu jardim já existem vestígios primaveris. Cumprimentos.

  6. My heart beat a little faster when I came to your original daylily. In the late 40's and 50's, when I was a little girl, my grandmother hybridized dayllilies, too. They were so beautiful, and in the Spring and Summer, people drove from all over Oklahoma and parts of Texas to visit her gardens. She also grew beautiful iris, and I am blessed to have some of her iris growing in my gardens now. Thank you for sharing your magnificent garden with us. Cherry Kay

  7. An herb wonderful, Mona. You have such a variety of herbs, and that must come in handy when cooking meals for the day. My dad had a garden across the street from his house, and he grew some herbs as well. It's so nice that you enjoy your garden. It looks like Spring will soon arrive in your area.

    Your pictures and words are always like music to my ears.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. I love that you create hybrid day lilies. My grandmama did crosses with them as well as iris. People used to come from different states to see her gardens in otherwise desolate Hollis, Oklahoma. Thanks for naming the Spode Primrose. It’s gorgeous. CherryKay