Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April is Finally Here and I am Late

Here are some pictures from around our place this month.  I am so busy in the yard and now I have aggravated my sciatic nerve with lifting things that are too heavy.  oh, woe is me! I am taking it easy for a few days.... But, I have time to write this blog.  So there is a silver lining....hahaha.

it really isn't freshly dug graves although it looks like it.   LOL

Tomato seedlings...

I hope your day is a good one...

Love, Mona


  1. Made me laugh with your gothic garden there. =D Very glad to see spring busting out somewhere; it is not doing so great up here yet. Beautiful photos, Mona.

  2. Beautiful Mona. Been there and done that with the sciatica! Lifted something heavy and felt strained and then a week later I lifted something else heavy. Then six months later until it got well so be careful. Had to have physical therapy.

    Your garden is huge. Keep us posted with it's growth.

    I love your snowballs and I want one badly. So far I can't find one to buy.

    I'm having more trees cut this week. It's been a beautiful week. Just gorgeous.