Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Back Porch

 We are entering week 7 of the grand reconstruction of our back yard....and deck/porch...

I am telling ya...new construction is not for the faint of heart...  LOL

The screen is being installed as we speak and the tin roof was finished yesterday.  I can't wait to get inside the porch to paint the floor and add furniture, etc...that might take a while...

Ceiling fans, light fixtures and on and on..who knew how many decisions would have to be made....

It all started on one cold, icy night back in February....we heard an enormous limb   two enormous limbs laden with ice come crashing down on our deck and roof.....  little did we know.....
all these months later, and we are still not back to normal yet...whew!

But out of destruction, came beauty.....kinda like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes...

We have truly been given a crown of beauty for ashes...



  1. Your porch is looking so good and I know you can hardly wait to get it all put together. It will be great for this summer - no bugs to worry about that eat you alive. Love your yellow iris's.
    Have fun decoarting your new screened in porch.

  2. It's going to so nice! I like the way it nestles into your home. Decorating is going to be fun...the painting will be the challenging part.

  3. I hear yah! construction! We had a new roof put on we have a one story home. The roofer fell through the roof and caught himself before he would of landed on the floor. The roofing co had a contractor from their co. come and make repairs and the guy told us he hated to paint. Long story short, he did not so great of job painting the ceiling and wall. He did not prime new plaster board and cut in the walls four days after he painted . He said he did two coats and he did them an hour apart. So the co. saw what the rm. looked like and offered to bring another guy. We chose no and we will fix it our self once we regroup. They did give us credit for the paint job off the bill. We were going to have a front porch added as they had to go down to studs but it would of been $10.000 so we did not go that route. Have a lot of fun with your porch! will be looking for more pictures as you move forward.