Wednesday, April 29, 2015

a Very Small Update on the Porch

Wow are we ever busy around here...  There has been major work going on.  and cleaning up and planting..and waiting..and waiting..and waiting....on the weather....

Major progress was made yesterday but I didn't take any pictures yet....still some cleanup to do from the icestorm..see my poor table?

If you plant seeds, they will sprout...good or bad..they will kind after like kind..... These are basil seedlings that go with the tomato seedlings..

.again, waiting on the weather to plant them in the garden.....

 A LOT depends on the weather doesn't it? 

 Happy gardening and building...




  1. So sorry about the damage to your home with the ice storm. Seems like there are so many people that have damage from the bad weather. We are fighting drought. I have buckets catching rinse water, shower water and when ever I can find some to save. I don't care about the lawn, but I do care about my roses. I will probably have a heart attack carrying water out to them LOL.

    Don't work to hard.

  2. Oh, yes, capricious weather is why we're always talking about it! Your new deck is going to be a great joy for you this summer. Hope that the weather improves enough for the work to be done in a timely fashion. I am looking forward to warmer days that are not windy so some projects can be done here as well. Sorry about that table. I have a spare here if you want to come up and get it! =D