Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

It's a new day around really IS spring....the season has really changed....  the calendar says so..

As I sit here writing, it is still gloomy with short spurts of sunshine and temp in the 40's...BUT as of midnight tonight, it is the first day of spring..and I am sticking to that!!!!!!!!!!

I fixed this breakfast tray or lunch tray...and had it ready to take into the garden as soon as the sun came out.....   well......I waited and waited... and it came out for about 10 minutes..but I was ready. hahaha
I am a natural light photographer and depend on the sunlight a lot...let's see what I was able to get...

Instead of picking the flowers and putting them in the vase, I just plopped the tray right down in the flowers..
I usually eat with the tray on my lap and enjoy the flowers..

This old wicker tray is perfect for garden lunches and breakfasts..

The pattern is Harrison's Rose by Haviland.  this was my Grandmother's china and I cherish it..

I covered the tray with  a beautiful embroidered , cutwork cloth that came from my other grandmother..

The daylilies are looking so healthy..

I always love flowers inside a cup..

I am sure this 5 fingered vase will get a lot of use later in the season...

Or I could move over to the area of the garden that has this huge clump of snowdrops...
The spring season is a most welcome time of year for us...  I simply could NOT wait another week before I took the tablescaping outside...

My goal is to simplify these settings....Most of our meals are just the two of us anyway and I intend to set a lot of these showing just how pretty it can be done when it is just a small table for two...  After all, my husband is my most important guest..the one I love the best...and he should be shown how much I love and appreciate him by getting my best tablescapes... There are plenty of opportunities to plan big get togethers...but, this is everyday life around here.

Happy SPRING y'all.

Love, Mona

I am so glad you came by and I hope you'll visit the parties I am joining....
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  1. The china pattern is so delicate and pretty and it complements the early spring garden so well.

  2. Mona, I love the idea of making things special for the person whom you love the most. We all should do that all of the time!!! Your setting is beautiful and I love the plates and the tablecloth - so excited that the sun did appear today. It is about time!!!

  3. Your wonderful tulipiere should be in use before too long. I love that you've put your grandmothers' wonderful things to use. I'm a Haviland fan, and your Harrison Rose is gorgeous. I adore the Marseilles of my favorites. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  4. Oh my goodness I love your grandmother's dishes- delicate and elegant! I love how you set the tray out there in the woodland setting with the flowers. Happy first day of spring!

  5. How so very fortunate you are to have the use of your grandmothers' china and linen! It is so good that you honor them both by showcasing their pretties! Your choice of setting is perfect; especially to celebrate spring. Well done! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  6. That china is gorgeous! What a lovely post, it put a spring in my step! I can't wait to take pics outside, but I will have to!
    Come check out when and what the next challenge will be!

  7. I love the idea of putting the tray in the flowers ! Your Grandmothers China is lovely !

  8. What a great idea for a that china!

  9. Beautiful china, Mona! Wish someone would serve me such a lovely tray for breakfast...

  10. Your tray looks so gorgeous nestled into the garden. Love your grandmother's china!

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays!

    - Alma, the Tablescaper

  11. Delightful, charming, beautiful....What more can I say?!!!!

  12. What a beautiful setting for such pretty china!! It looks as though it was almost meant to be sitting In the garden!! It's much prettier there than on a shelf!!

  13. So PRETTY! I think your dishes are very pretty and the tray looks gorgeous wherever you place it! Sweet harbingers of spring throughout this lovely post!

  14. Oh Mona,
    I'm swooning over your grandmother's dishes! They would go with anything and what a treasure to have them. I love flowers inside a cup, too. It's like a sweet surprise when sipping some tea. Your outdoor setting is just beautiful and how sweet to treat your hubby like a King! xo

  15. Yay! Isn't it marvelous! Love your photos! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  16. your photos are lovely, enjoyed looking through your posts, so many pretty dishes and flowers, both my passions~