Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nearly, But Not Quite

Another nearly tablescape..that seems to be about all I can do lately..Our main table has another more important use right now..and it is time sensitive.  I will show you in a minute.....

Right now my days are filled with preparation for our vegetable garden.  It is time to get some things in the ground...  like broccoli and collards and kale and other cole crops that can withstand a light freeze....

Sorting through my extensive seed collection and deciding what I am going to plant this year..
Ordering new seeds..

And the time has come to start my seeds indoors.  That is a major undertaking because I have to do it all inside (one day I will have a greenhouse).  and I procrastinate a lot..  LOL
So, my dining room table is covered in seed packs and gardening notes right now..  Hopefully I will be done by this time next week so I can join Kathleen's St Patricks Day tablescape party...

This old lunchbox brought a smile to my face as I got it out for another season of use.  I found it at a thrift store last year and used it almost every day to take small items with me to the garden...  I LOVE it..can you see the old name tag still on the side?  I kept my gloves, snippers, tape for tying and whatever seeds I wanted to plant..along with tags and a permanent marker..  It was such a handy thing to use while gardening and waterproof too.....If you find one, get it and use will be glad...

 Blueberry buds

a old drift of snowdrops

 newly cleared space..used to be filled with huge rosemary plants


What are you doing to get ready for spring?  do you plant a garden or start seeds ?  There is just nothing I like better than watching things grow....

Thank you for stopping by.

Love, Mona


  1. Always love seeing your garden photos whatever time of the year it is and that lunch box is a delight! What a fabulous garden helper!

  2. Just got my seeds in from Baker's Seed. I have never ordered from them and can't wait to start my seeds. I love seeing the pictures of all your plants around your beautiful place! Maybe Spring will eventually get here.

  3. No. I have no room for such pursuits and my gardens are so small that it is not a matter of cost effectiveness. I hope that you'll share the progress through to planting.

  4. Mona, I need to learn from you and be patient and plant seeds. I have good intentions and buy the seed and then don't plant them.
    I remember my grandfather having a similar lunch box. Made me smile.

    Love your spring pics of things growing.