Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time to Celebrate!

Four years ago I wrote my first blog....  Boy was I lost in cyber space..LOL  I didn't even know how to get a picture on my blog.  I would spend hours trying to do something that is now much, much easier..  Oh the things I have learned.   and the people I have met.  It's the people that keep me interested in blogland.  I had no idea I would make friends out here...  I can truly say I am so thankful that I took that first step 4 years ago..

The daffodils at the  State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens are a gorgeous site in the spring.  and they bring back the memories of how far I have come in just a few years.. It was these very flowers that pushed me to learn how to post pictures on my blog...  wow!  If I can learn to blog, anybody can......

Usually I post untouched photos...some are good, some are not so good.  I am learning a lot about photography ..I learn best by doing. so, many , many pictures are taken every week...  and in another 4 years...we will all be surprised by how much we have learned...

Thank you to every one of you that have written me and encouraged me over the years..Your friendships mean so much to me....even if you don't leave a comment, I appreciate you too..I surely would love hearing from you sometimes so I can visit you too...

Again, THANK YOU!  I wouldn't take anything for the experiences of blogging....It is a great hobby that I have..and so many benefits  from the people along the way...

Here's to another 4 years......


I'll be joining Marty today for 


  1. What beautiful drifts of daffies! They are much more springy than fresh drifts of snow, I can assure you. Your photos are beautiful!

  2. What gorgeous daffodils that you captured beautifully. I would love to visit the Botanical Gardens in Athens. So lovely.

    Yes, blogging friendships are special. I am always learning and that makes me happy.

    Congratulations on four years of blogging.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Mona! I have never visited the Botanical Gardens in Athens, but I have always meant to go. Your photos are beautiful. As far as blogging goes - you are so far ahead of me. I still have nothing on my side bar. I think I know how to fix that, but I am afraid that I might delete my whole blog - lol!!

  4. Mona, I just realized that we must be fellow Georgians. I'm about an hour away from Athens. If you don't mind my asking, is that where you live?

  5. You have learned a lot Mona. We all have. Congrats on four years. I love your wisdom, grace, and joy you share here. best, Olive

  6. Congratulations! Four years is an awesome milestone.

  7. Mona I'm so happy you enjoy blogging! congrats on 4 years! Love your photos and I too am enjoying Spring in Athens this year!

  8. Happy Anniversary, Mona! I'm glad you took this up as a hobby. It's been a blast getting to know you and sharing a little piece of your life on a weekly basis! Cheers!