Friday, February 28, 2014

February Fotos

Since it is the LAST day in February, I thought I would catch up with all of the pictures that I never posted...

So, bear with is a random ride this morning....hedges, dogs, and grandchildren

First an updated picture of the decimated hedge row from last fall...Here is what it looks like happy that it survived and seems to be thriving..even though we have had extreme temps this winter...

Hang on...first up...... some of our grandchildren spent the night with us earlier in the month..

Some played in the bathtub while big brother watched football with Poppy..

Next morning posing..

Now for some Tula action.....

Just a few more weeks of weather suitable for afternoon coffee with whipped cream...

Then we are on to the greener pastures of spring planting and warmer temperatures... I have loved seeing our green garden area all winter..over planted with rye...

I feel better now that I halfway cleaned out my unshared pictures and got them out here for you to see..

Next month is my BIG 4 year anniversary since I wrote my first I have a lot to say then...

Thank you for stopping by..



  1. The hedge looks wintered well despite the obstacles. Now the grands are so darling. What sweet photos you captured. I'm all about random photos today so I just loved this post!

  2. Your grandchildren are precious! Loved your outdoor shots too!

  3. Oh, how I love seeing those adorable grands!!! The dog and the husband are pretty cute, too! Thanks for sharing your photos - always love what you are doing with that new camera!

  4. Such great photos! Your grandkids are so cute! ( are your dogs.) I love doing a monthly review. It's sort of like scrapbooking but so much easier. Happy March!

  5. So glad to be able to visit my favorite blogs again. Sweet Mister is doing very well post knee replacement surgery. Yours is the second blog that I've visited today, and both have featured photography...hmm...affirmation that I need to pick up my camera again! Thanks for the inspiration. Cherry Kay