Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn at Winterpast

Let's go visiting around my garden this morning...few words, many pictures....ENJOY!

This is a full picture of the Confederate Rose.  as you can see, it gets quite large..I am fortunate to have such a big yard so size doesn't really limit what I put in my garden...

The sasanquas are really putting on a show this time of year...I love, love, love this old shrub...we have lots of them throughout the landscape and I plan to plant even more...

This is my view every morning when I go outside..I will NEVER tire of looking at this yard..I am so absolutely and completely thankful to God for trusting us with this piece of land...

So glad you stopped by this morning...Life is surely getting full and busy around here..and not to mention we are heading into the Thanksgiving and Christmas many plans living in my head right now.  LOL

I just hope I can make the time to blog about a lot of them..

Many thanks to EVERY one of you who have taken the time to read my words and look at my pictures..and especially to follow me..Your encouragement is awesome!!  thank you...

Love, Mona


  1. Hi Mona,

    Walking through your autumn garden, in that soothing sunshine, surrounded by such blooming pretties, is, indeed a blessing. Lovely colours and wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Lots of blossoms yet! You do have a beautiful yard with the lovely gardens.

  3. Your yard, your plants and flowers are so beautiful and portrays serenity, Mona. Love it!...Christine

  4. So pretty, Mona. Always love walking your garden with you!!

  5. Hi Mona, I would never tire of looking at your beautiful yard, either. How wonderful that you realize that you are so blessed with its beauty. Thank you for taking me on a tour to see some of your pretty landscaping.
    I also loved seeing your darling little granddaughter... definitely another blessing in your life! xo

  6. It's a beautiful spot. I would never tire of it either. Love that Confederate Rose. xo, Olive