Friday, September 13, 2013

My Son Jon

Today I celebrate my son's has the time gone?  He was just a little boy a few years ago....He is a wonderful responsible and mature adult..and I am proud to call him my friend......

He has always had such a zeal for life....determined and confident ...he is a joy to my heart....

Happy Birthday Jon!   

you make this Mama proud...

I love you



  1. Time does fly! Hope that John has a blessed day!

  2. So heart warming!!! Happy birthday to your son! What a blessing!

  3. What a beautiful and wonderful son yo have there. Please wish him a very happy birthday and many more to come.

  4. I am a little late, but happy belated birthday to Jon! Isn't interesting to have a son and a daughter. Relationships with both are wonderful, but very different - congratulations on raising such a fine person, Mona!!

  5. Happy Birthday to you son, Mona....a bit late but with sincere wishes. Sons are very special, indeed. They make us laugh, don't they? Your son is such a handsome young guy here. I am wondering how old he is? I hope he had a grand day.


  6. Happy Birthday, Jon! Such a handsome young man and adorable little guy :)