Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flower Filled Life

There are moments in life that change us....shake us to the core...and set some things right in our soul...and answer some life questions......

Yesterday was just such a day for me....I don't really believe in coincidences because there is Someone that is guiding my life..it is not just happenstance.....Here is the little story about my discovery.....

We were greeted by these gorgeous dahlias as we entered Sweet Onion Restaurant in Waynesville, NC..  I had found it in an online search for good restaurants in the area... I immediately got out my phone to take a picture..even while she was trying to seat us...I cannot turn away from a beautiful flower..it was 12 inches across..  I started laughing at the beauty and the hostess said....You should see all of the dahlias in the bar area..  I thought oh, yay.....a bigger bouquet so I will go look...


This is what I found....the colors are faded looking in the pictures because it was dark in there and I only had my phone camera..but...they were magnificent...a hundred or more blooms...I was about to have a fit..a good fit..
Bryan went on to our table and I hopped around in the bar taking pictures and giggling with happiness at all of the flowers..all of the wait staff were busy arranging small vases of them and putting them all over the restaurant...on every table and in every nook and cranny..

They were awesome y'all.....I mean you would not believe the size and the perfection of the blooms...Life altering.
and let me tell you why.....

After I was seated, the hostess came to our table to tell me she had put the prettiest dahlia on our table...

I continued to smile and  have a royal flower fit..it takes a flower person to understand that phrase..lol

The hostess said the older gentleman that brings these to us is upstairs if you want to meet him..YES!  I do...I need to see someone that can grow these gorgeous flowers..I went to introduce myself to him and he was quite reserved and introverted..told me a little about where he is from...he grew up in a small south Georgia town just like me...he had my attention then...He lives 6 months in Balsam and 6 months in FL ..I was complimenting him so much and he was pretty humble....

I found out from the hostess that this man brings these flowers to the restaurant every Monday and GIVES them to them...  people, he GIVES them away......he makes this restaurant a beautiful flower filled building because he wants to..and he spreads the beauty......so I started to think over my life..and how I love to grow flowers..I mean LOVE IT!!!!  and the memory of my Grandmother loving to grow flowers and to give them away like this man does...hmmm...  I have minimized my desire to grow flowers and to give them away as nominal and insignificant...so I have let it slip..the giving them away part..I still grow them...

That man was going to quite a bit of trouble to grow, pick, and transport those dahlias...but the reward of seeing everybody's faces light up is so worth it all....just to spread some beauty in this world...

The food was lovely too....By the time we had eaten and passed by the bar on the way to the front door..the flowers were completely gone..not a trace anywhere in the bar of the beauty that was there 45 minutes before.....

Talk about perfect timing.....we showed up at just the right time for me to experience a life changing event......
Buckets and buckets of flowers given away by a gardener just like me...that does it for the love of flowers.......

Since all of the pictures were taken with a phone camera, I started not to post this, but...it is too good to keep to myself.....watch for the signposts along the path of your life..the ones that say...THIS is the way...yes, you are on the right path.......and share what you have..GIVE it away...that's the best way for others to be touched by your passions too....

If you are ever in Waynesville NC on a Monday..stop in for lunch at the Sweet Onion Restaurant  or any other time....it was a beautiful experience and wonderful food.....

Thank you for stopping by today....


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  1. Mona - what a happy, happy post. I loved reading every line and seeing every beautiful flower! Whenever Dahlias are mentioned, I think of an elderly gentlemen in Atlanta that used to bring Dahlias to the place where I worked. I think that he was "the" expert on them in Atlanta. They are a gorgeous flower! I do remember how generous your grandmother was with her Daylilies - my mother was the recipient of many of them. Love that you shared this!.

  2. What a beautiful post and how wonderful must have been for you to go to that fabulous restaurant! Goodness, I don't know which I like better, the food or the flowers...maybe I'll saty with the gorgeous arrangements, lol! Thanks for your sweet and kind visit. Big hugs,

  3. What gorgeous flowers! I want to be that guy's neighbor, lol. You discovered a lovely restaurant...Christine

  4. What a wonderful experience for you, who loves flowers so much. What a delightful gentleman to grow and give away his beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience.
    Have a great week.

  5. How beautiful they are and as big as a china plate too. I am glad you were there at the right moment. I use to go camping in Waynesville. It is a lovely area. And what a great and generous gardener you met.

  6. Oh Mona, what a special man he is to give his flowers away. Such a generous thing to do. They are beautiful, indeed. I have always said that flowers are the magic in our lives. I am a flower lover too. By the way, the food looks so yummy.

    From one flower lover to another, have a lovely evening, Mona.


  7. The restaurant sound fabulous and the food looks amazing, but wow, the flowers are so beautiful. I love this idea. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. What a fantastic restaurant!! Love the gorgeous flowers too! Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment.


  9. Oh Mona, what a wonderful story of beauty, passion and sharing the fruits of one's love. You never now where or when we learn a life lesson. xo

  10. Mona, this is such a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. While the flowers are gorgeous, the story behind them is spectacular.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. The restaurant, the food, and the flowers are fantastic. Love the story! xo

  12. What an amazing man, spreading around love and happiness all in a single flower. Truly beautiful post my friend. Diane

  13. I love dahlias! I planted them for the first time this year - they said they would be "plate sized". They are not - very small - but just gorgeous! I can't imagine this sight and that man is amazing for sharing! Glad you got to experience such beauty and generosity!

  14. So exciting. I would have felt the same way. I am glad you enjoyed such a treat and glad you shared your phone pictures. Gorgeous flowers!