Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our MOST Important Guests

Several weeks ago, when my daughter and her 4 children came to visit, I had an  aha moment... I never do a tablescape for them unless it is a special occasion.. I had just finished this one and photographed it when they came to spend the night last week.....Usually, I clear the table and we use child proof dishes, etc..and linens that can't be know the drill..there are 3 boys...6,4, and 3 and a 9 month old girl..
But, this time I had a change of heart..and I left the table just like it was...just like this...

I truly believe that our most important guests are our families..that we need to show them how much they mean to us by our actions..not just our words..and set these beautiful tables even when there is no company coming over..

So, here is how I set the table for 3 little boys under 7 and their Mama..and us, of was FUN!  it meant a lot to me..and to them....

All of the questions and comments about these brass napkin rings were precious.....

and the chargers were a huge hit..they even wanted to know if we could use them the next morning too....
I did change out the silverware for them.  the forks were a bit too pointed to use with them.....good sense on my part....

I used a simple piece of unbleached muslin for a tablecloth.....the plates are Naturewood by Pfaltzgraff.  I bought a large set at Goodwill lately..for such a low price and we have used it a lot....

Lighting the candles was a real treat and talk of who would blow them out started as soon as I lit know, boys will be boys....

One thing I talk about a lot on my blog is family..heritage..purpose and carrying on what we are put on this earth to do...this bud vase and another like it, just a darker brown, are by Weller...I have loved it as long as I can remember. the darker one belonged to my Grandmother Lewis and the other I traded for when I was closing down my antiques booth...I really love these two pieces.and there they were ..on this table with all these children..a piece from their great, great grandmother on their own grandmother's table...surely, she was smiling about that...

I was so glad that it dawned on me that I should have the table set beautifully for these grandchildren and not just for grownups or for blog pictures..I like to be authentic and real about what I write about pretend life for me...

It felt good for these boys to dine at their tablescaping grandmother's table....and they were perfect guests to have around my table.....can't wait until they come again...and I can set another table for them to enjoy..already planning.....hmmm.the napkin rings with numbers....ah, yes.....

The only thing I forgot was to take pictures while we were eating......well, maybe next time...

This week I am joining  Let's Dish

Y'all come visit....


  1. I think that is so sweet to let your little ones dine grown up style! We do that too, but stemmed glasses make me nervous!
    My gkids were here last week, fun, but tiring!

  2. Forgot to say how pretty your table is with all it's natural elements.

  3. What a memory you will have, that special touch, and I know your daughter and family felt so special; it reveals love extended.

    I had a going away party for my brother Mon. I had sitting at the table encase it was too hot inside and I set seating outside encase cooler. We did outside. What I wanted for so long and finally found it at the thrift store is a scrabble game. What I did is got out my bud vases cut two different colors of roses. The deep rose color I places on the table then I took the spell boards and put Welcome on one and Blessings on the other. that was my center piece for the table. Then I took the pink roses and put on the counter by the sink and where the food was. I went buffet style. Any type of simple "touch" added for the guest or family just shows how much time you spent saying how you feel about them. Beautiful Table thank you

  4. I totally agree, Mona! I have always tried to set a fancy table for most meals, when my grandchildren are here. Of course, sometimes, they want to set it. I really would like for them to appreciate the things they will inherit - lol!! Your table was lovely!!

  5. What a wonderful post and reminder.

    Bless your heart.

    This will help the boys learn good table manners, too - will encourage them all the more.

    Good for you!!

    That is a GORGEOUS tablescape btw!!

  6. Yes, you are so right, Mona! Our families are our most important guests. I'm sure your grands loved being treated in style at your pretty table.

  7. I'm so glad that it was well received, Mona. My grands laugh to see my tables at holiday time. They find it so funny to have place cards and more than one fork. Guess it's because it is such a rarity.

  8. I am so glad you left the table for them. I bet if you do it more often, they will come to expect it and it will become a great memory for them as they will remember that you treated them as your most important guest. Wonderful post!


  9. So sweet of you.This is very special in all gestures.Glad to see such

  10. It is beautiful, Mona. Your heart and ACTIONS are beautiful too. Yes, their great great grandmother would be smiling. They will remember you. Yours is a not so hidden art of homemaking but a practical testimony of it.

    I remember my grandmother's very well. My mother's older sister never married and she lived with my grandmother. She was a tablescaper 60 years ago. She always had a fresh flower arrangement on her table where we ate Sunday lunch every week. Back then they called it "Sunday dinner." In fact, every room had a flower arrangement. She changed her arrangements out weekly from her flower garden. I remember so many of her vases and wish I had been old enough and smart enough to ask for some of them when she died. Your vase is a treasure to cherish.

    We have so much in common, I share your values for one. Interesting you mentioned having an antique booth at one time. I also had an interest in an antique shop for a few years. We both appreciate the old with the new and especially family items.

    As for children at the table, I do think they rise to the occasion even little ones and it is a great experience for them. I hope to not get lazy when my little ones visit. You are a good example to me.

  11. Every Day Is A Holiday And Every Meal Is A Feast. Indeed they are the most important people. I have many of the Naturewood serving pieces. Love that pattern too.

  12. Beautifully written and photographed. I completely agree. I never do a tablescape for my blog that my family doesn't later eat dinner on. Might as well enjoy all those pretty things we have! Take care - Dawn

  13. Memories are glorious. I love setting pretty tablescapes because my grandmother would "set" the table when I came over, and fortunately I did receive some of her pretties. Tea parties on the porch with Kool-Aid in China was the BEST!!!

  14. What a great idea! I love the table and the arrangement – it really looks elegant and so nice to eat in such pretty dishes for your grand children. We have the same number and types of grand kids – we have 3 grandsons – one is 7, the other will be 5 at the end of the month, the other was 2 yesterday and a granddaughter who was born last May 10th. They live in Nashville so we don’t see them too often – but I drive there, going over the Chattahoochee Forest as I don’t like to go through Chattanooga (my husband does not drive anymore.) You have such pretty flowers and other dishes. Congratulations on your 500 posts! It is an achievement.

  15. Mona, how nice of you to set the table for your daughter and grandkids. Yes, family are a treasured guest. The item that belonged to your grandmother is very special, and I smiled because I have a few of my own cherished treasures.

    What a wonderful table setting for your family. Boys are so funny and it made me heart sing when they blew the candle out right away.


  16. What a wonderful experience for your little ones! At the school where I used to teach, one of the kindergarten teachers held "Elegant Day" and the kids had such a great time dressing their best and having a real tea party, complete with fancy dishes! Your children will remember this dinner for a long time!