Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Meet crocosmia...Isn't it beautiful?  it is one of my favorite flowers in my garden..I like the name..and I like the way it looks in my flower beds....but it doesn't grow very well in our climate.  I had a huge bed of it in the first house I ever owned when I lived in south Georgia.  and I think this flower reminds me of my youthfulness and the fun I had restoring an old house when I was a mere 20 years old.  I have loved old things for a very long time...and would choose restoration over something new any day of the week......

Isn't that the way God is with us?  He takes something that is in need of restoration and gets to work on us....Yes, I am thankful that my life is a restoration in progress.. He has made all things new....and I am glad......

As I was taking these pictures, I accidently discovered these nasty yellow worms on my Deodar Cedar near by...

I shook them off and examined the damage....wow..they were eating fast!!!

It's important to pay attention to our gardens..even when there is a lot of rain and no time for gardening....I am glad I caught this when I did or my tree would have been stripped.  I am hoping it will recover.  I grew this tree from seed..It is about 7 years old and has finally reached about 9 feet tall...they stripped the top 18 inches or so..

and on the brighter side, here are a few more scenes from the garden.....

We have been having non stop rain for weeks..there are rivelets of water running down my front door..literally...and the whole yard is soggy..  I will take what I can get this year in way of gardening...my tomato crop is a failure..and ending before the end of July...this is very unusual...time to focus on what can be planted for fall gardening....


  1. Hi Mona, our montbretia (can't spell the other name) is a lovely plant. Maybe mine is big because it is in shade? That part of my flower garden is kind of darkish and lush. It was not like that two years ago. My wonderful ground cover, lithodora, is dying. I guess from the rains. I have more weeds than I can bear to think about. I did cut wet grass today. I hope your tree recovers. Of course mosquitoes may tote us all off!

  2. So beautiful, Mona. I walked outside yesterday and the ground was "spongy"! I am sick of rain, but I do not miss the 106 degree weather!!!

  3. The photos of your garden are so gorgeous!!

  4. Your garden is stunning. All your beautiful flowers.....
    i know your having so much rain and we here is So CA would love to have some of it. We are catching the humidity coming up from Mexico and I hate sticky weather. Hopefully it will stop and everything will dry out for you.
    Happy week.

  5. Mona, your garden is a beautiful haven! You were successful in getting rid of the mini caterpillars right? I hope. xo marlis

  6. Beautiful, despite all the rain! Too bad about your tomatoes, though. We're actually having a great summer, not too hot and just the right amount of rain.