Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hitting a Homerun

I think that our dining outside is over until it gets cooler...We have had so much rain that we haven't had many chances to eat on our deck... Now it is hot and humid..welcome to the south!   This was one of the last times we enjoyed a summer supper on the deck..and my husband did the cooking.  It made it taste even better...

Vintage glasses with a bark like pattern are some of my favorites...(do I always say that??) and again we are using the Naturewood plates by Pfaltzgraff with aqua placemats and Paul Revere forks..

and tis the season for Vidalia onions..

 He made onion rings and sweet potato fries...with grass fed burgers...

 They were so good...

 And the best part (well, not really) but close.... was the sweet potatoes coordinated with the colors on the, that is a homerun..

speaking of

Here are a few pictures from the baseball field when we went to see our grandsons play recently....

Happy Birthday to my sweet grandson Mac...he is 5 years old today..... 

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  1. Aren't kids on the baseball field a riot? I think you must have had lots of chuckles. Beautiful table and I always love it when the food matches the plate. =D

  2. Oh goodness, now I want a burger and fries. But none will be as good as your hubs. That shot of your grandson is too cute with the helmet over his eyes. hugs, olive

  3. What a cute little picture with that big ol' helmet on his little head!!!

    I wish my husband could cook! Your husband really did it up!!! It all looks SO good, especially those sweet potato fries and onion rings!!! I recently bought a Fry Daddy so that I could make onion rings. Still looking for the perfect batter recipe.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Cute photos of those precious boys and Happy Birthday to that special 5 year-old! Love the place setting, but the food was definitely the star of the table - yum-my!!

  5. Oh Mona, I love the turquoise placemats! They sure bring out the colors in the plates. Those vintage glasses...I'm swooning, and the meal... an even bigger swoon. How sweet of your hubby and it's everything I LOVE. The pics of the grands are adorable for sure. xo

  6. Yep, when it's 80 at 7 am there is no going out later in the day!! And then we've been hard hit with humidity in our semi arrid climate that we don't know how to handle it. uggh. Love your sweet table. The food looks scrumptious. Darling boys, reminds me of 27 years of bleacher bum through both of my boys!xo marlis

  7. Happy birthday to your grandson. Your meal looks delish!

  8. haha, I love that your food color coordinated with your plates, of course, that is VERY important! Hot everywhere I guess, but never too hot for that menu, yum!

  9. Your grandsons look like they are having fun...nothing better than watching them learn to play baseball. They are so funny!!
    Your table is great! I love the colors too. Hamburgers and sweet potato fries are my favorite! You are making me hungry!
    Blessings My Friend,

  10. Those burgers, fries and rings look delicious! The weather in Idaho is supposed to cool down into the 90's this week so I am hoping it will be cool enough to eat on the patio this weekend! What cute grandsons you have! I love watching those little ones play ball!


  11. T-Ball has to be my favorite kids sport. Makes me giggle just to think about it. The faux bois tumblers are superb, and a husband who makes sweet potato still my heart. Love your tablescape. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  12. YOur dinner on the deck looks so inviting. Enjoy your time with your kids!

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Precious grandsons playing ball. You are blessed to have them nearby. I agree your supper on the deck was a home run. I bet there wasn't a crumb left. Your plate looks delicious and your tablescape is very attractive.


  14. Very nice table with all those yummies.Happy birthday to your grandson and they make your

  15. I love those cool green tumblers...which look great with those plates.
    Your little Mac is adorable.