Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gallery Walls

It has been such a wonderful thing for me to see all of the gallery walls everywhere. They have become such a design statement over the last few years.  I have had them in my home since I started homemaking in the 70's.  that's a LOT of collecting folks......a lot!

This is my very favorite picture in my house..it reminds me of home..and me....and was one of the first inspiration pieces I bought as a young woman...from an estate sale.  It has always had a front and center spot on my walls..
An old woman sitting in her garden, sewing...surrounded by roses..

When I run out of room on a wall, I just stack them up until I find a place for them.. always a theme in the colors and content. but nothing has to be perfect. vintage and antique are best for our house...

We have bookshelves under the window in this room and I love to put colored glass there so it catches the morning sun...

Gather together what you love and you will start to see a theme..then you can develop your very own style of decorating...that's what I did and now it is a very popular way to decorate...gallery walls....
Do you like to decorate like this or are you a one picture on a wall kind of girl?

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  1. Your gallery wall is beautiful. I also like that there is little space between the frames. i never get the spaces right. I am doing a gallery corner but am trying to get the shrubs done so it is on hold for the moment. Have a wonderful week my friend.

  2. So charming, Mona! I had to pin it. I love the vintage prints and have just a couple. I need to start collecting!

  3. Amazing! Your gallery wall is fabulous and I also love your special painting! I totally smitten with this decoration, it looks so country English, because I think I saw something like this in an Architectural Digest Interior decor by Mario Buatta, some years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have collected so many lovely items for your gallery wall. I really like the colored glass!

  5. Mona, I love the picture of the woman sitting on the bench. Your wall is great and love the glass on the shelves.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love your gallery wall....I too have been doing it for many years but I went the safe route when we bought our house and did it in the hallway and with all the same colored frames....I'm not trying to up it a bit...LOL

    Your gallery wall has a lot of detail and interest, I love that rusty circle thingy...don't really know what it is...


  7. I love the rusting circle thingy too! What are they??? Your wall is great - I love it! Julia

  8. Hi, Mona! I've been morphed into a single-picture-per-wall girl thanks to my husband! :-( I prefer to have a nice gallery going with lots of things from my collections. I really like how you've been able to collect and beautifully display items that mean something to you from over the years! Out of sight/out of mind, I say! Best to put it out there where you and others can enjoy it!

    Enjoy your treasures, and thanks so much for sharing a bit of your joy with us!

  9. I love gallery walls. I am in the process of collecting old paintings so I can create one. Yours is just wonderful!

  10. I love gallery walls. I am in the process of collecting old paintings so I can create one. Yours is just wonderful!

  11. I love your gallery wall. You do have many paintings that go very well together. I am also loving your pretty colored glass bottles. They do look beautiful near the window.