Monday, July 22, 2013


Do you have some ideas that you are afraid to act on?  I am working on being bold.  just doing it anyway...even if I am afraid...I think it is the only way I will ever live outside of the box..    or color outside of the lines.  .and that is what I am made be unconventional..

There are so many sayings that I see cycle through Pinterest about being different. and not following the crowd and taking today I did just that.  I created a facebook page for my blog.  it might seem small to you but to me, it is huge!  I took a risk..

Somehow, this little plaque says it all for me this morning....a little arts and craft project from my childhood that still has a prominent place in my home today...

It is what is in my heart today..this moment in time....

I am glad you have found my place today..I hope you come again soon....


p.s.  I will add a link to my facebook page as soon as I figure it out!  lol


  1. Well Mona, I truly DO know exactly what you mean about fear - how it is stifling sometimes and keeps us from growing.

    I am - not to sound condescending in any way- but I am really proud of you for doing this.

    Now me? I'm not AFRAID of FB, I just know it isn't for me. Even if it costs me readers or perhaps even less sales in the emporius. I just cannot add another something to my pc it is we're seldom apart now.

    I love that plaque - my Mom had one and I cannot tell you how many times using that mantra over the years has helped me get over hurdles. It is a wonderful thought, and a lovely plaque, too!

    I wish you the best of luck. This will be fun for you, I just know it!

    Have a wonderful week. Hugs.

  2. It is a very nice picture. I like the combination of color and the saying itself.

  3. Being bold is not for sissies, that's for sure! I am quite bold about some things, and a total wuss about others. Whatever makes you feel good (that isn't immoral, illegal or prone to have you chased by Colombian drug lords!) it!

    Congratulations on taking that step! I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be a great thing for you! Have a good week!!!

  4. I'm with you Mona. It was hard to even start blogging. My friend kept after me until I did. So it's one baby step at a time.
    Like the saying.
    Have a great week.

  5. We must be kindred souls because I have the hardest time being bold, and making a blog facebook page is one thing that I am specifically struggling with. I understand you completely here and say way to go!

  6. You go, Mona! You are going to be a star! You have so many talents that you should be shouting them from the rooftops. I cannot wait to "like" your page, my friend!

  7. Congrats... I wish you the best of luck!