Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flower Power

There is such an abundance of blooming things in my yard...It seems like everything is growing all at once..and every morning I cannot wait to get outside and see what else is new.....
Here are just some of the flowers and other growing plants from right now...


 Feverfew and verbena

 closeup of feverfew

 my lone larkspur  

 hydrangea from Bryan's Granny's house   


 my collards..every southern girl needs some collards in her garden

 the FIRST zinnia bloom  


 tuberoses.....bringing hope for blooms later in the summer

 and a really nice crop of kale and broccoli....

This, my friends is poison ivy... as the garden is lush and healthy, so are the bad plants that are receiving the same rain and nutrients that the good plants are getting...  It just sits there daring me to mistake it for a harmless weed and pull it up...It causes me much trouble, as pulling it up barehanded is not an option...there are so many life parallels to this little problem in my garden.....there amongst the pretty flowers grows a plant that will attack you in the way of itchy, blistery, most uncomfortable skin irritation if you mistake it for a normal weed and touch it...No sirree, I must stop what I am doing and get something else to handle this obnoxious pest.... if I treat it as a normal weed, I will get hurt.. this comes with experience and maturity..knowing how to handle the problems we encounter..Because I know what the plants look like that are good ones, I can spot very easily an unwelcome plant...and this one is poisonous..I know how to spot it too.....Be prepared in life...Learn about what interests you..and you can way more easily spot an intruder or a fraud.......ok, so much for back to the garden....

 where I sit to ponder...and to enjoy....

 can you spot the poison ivy this time?

 one of my favorites...rabbit foot fern..have grown this fern as long as I have been gardening..this is only my second one in almost 40 years...   

 see the little feet?

 Bloodgood maple and tulip poplar

Blushing Bride Hydrangea

and that concludes this installment of my garden tour..stay tuned because there will be more...and more to come...


  1. Oh wow, You have a huge garden and it all looks so healthy. I see you have a good bit of sun and that means getting up early to work. I know how you feel about wanting to get out and look every morning. I intend to just do a couple of things and end of spending 2-4 hours and then I haven't gotten anything done in the house.

    Thanks for talking about poison ivy and the pictures. It is amazing how poor the pictures in books and on line are. Yours are much better. I saw some in my azalea and fern last week and I was sure it was it but have not been sure before. I am going to pin your pics and do a gardening tips board on Pinterest.

    Thank you also for asking me what kind of white hydrangea I have. I would need to know and I have not looked at the tag. One of the pots say First White and I didn't find a tag in the other one. I probably took it out and didn't think about knowing what kind it was. I am noticing one of them is starting to turn green. I have had it two weeks longer and they came from two places.

    Your day lilies are special ones. MIne are very plain and common. They don't do well because I do not have as much sun. I am impressed with all your plants and photography. We could talk for hours about gardening for sure.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. Yes yes, I have been trying to eradicate a growing patch of poison ivy between my neighbor and me so that it doesn't spread...round-up does not seem to be working. What do you do to get rid of it?

    Your garden looks beautiful, just lovely!

  3. Loved seeing all of your beautiful plants, wow so many pretty ones, can't believe you have a tuber rose which is my very favorite...I absolutely adore your chairs, they remind me when I first got married I saw some like this along side the road and I loved them, took them home used them, loved them, did I say they were so comfortable, then sanded and painted them a beautiful navy blue, they were so sweet, when finished I saw in one and the metal bent in half then saw in the other and same thing happened I was heart broken.,,lol thanks for reminding me of those chairs I loved...I am now a follower and I am sending a link to my friend Mary who I know will follow, she loves flowers and especially roses...

  4. It all looks beautiful, and so healthy (even the poison ivy!). You obviously put a lot of work into your garden, and it shows. I'm like you. I love to go see what's blooming each day, but I don't have as many pretty blooms as you. laurie

  5. Wow Mona, beautiful gardens and I love all your plants with the exception of poison ivy. I am really get it bad - only have to look at it and I get it. Haven't had it since I was 9 years old and I really had it all over my body - thought I was going to die.
    My friend Phyllis from aroundrhouse recommend I look at your blog and I am so glad she did.
    I am your newest follower - stop by and see my garden.
    Have a great week.