Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ever heard of Boudin?

We cooked out on Memorial Day after a full day of cleaning and sorting and throwing away.....the front porch and the barn..WHEW!

We wanted something quick and easy..but mainly TASTY!!  so we put this meal together without much ado..and as soon as it was on the table, Bryan stepped back from it and said..Take the pictures.....hahaha..he is learning and is such a good sport so I quickly took some pictures of what you will see today....we were tired and hungry but I needed these pictures for my blog...oh, the life of blogging.....I surely love it!

What (I can hear you asking) is that on that plate????   that my friends is boudin..  a Cajun sausage that is out of this world delicious....  we buy ours at Piggly Wiggly..can't even believe they carry it there....I have ordered it from Louisiana also...the only way I like it cooked is grilled...if you have never heard of it, I am glad to introduce you to something new..and oh, so good..

But, this is about the tablescape too.....a fast put together of everyday things that we use a lot...maybe I should rename this the normal, everyday, nothing fancy supper table by Mona.....there..that ought to cover it....

vintage green glasses with ice cold water....

vintage napkins

little flower candle holders found while cleaning out the barn....grin

can you spot the Tobasco?

all of this on my very old and very loved tablecloth...made of Mama gave it to me more than 40 years of my prizes......

Broccoli from my garden ..Vidalia onions and lots of veggies..I like blue cheese dressing when the Vidalias are in season...

Easy, easy.....grill something like Boudin...make a salad..and shuck some corn....pour the water over ice and.....
Set the table....tablecloth, cloth napkins and light some candles...sit down and enjoy your meal....

Make this a habit to set the table even when you are tired and makes a difference and tells those at the are important enough to me for me to treat you like company....

I have a friend that writes a blog named Cajun Delights   she always has good Cajun recipes..go visit Marguerite and tell her I sent you.....

In case you want to know more about Boudin, here is a website for you... here

I am sharing my easy supper table with these parties..

Let's Dish

Tablescapes Thursday

come on over and visit.....


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  2. Mona,
    The cajun sausage looks so yummy. Your table is so nice for Memorial Day. I love corn on the cob. My husband barbecued chicken and it was a good day.

    I smiled when I read your coment today. I only have one sister, and her name is Mona (I think that is why I'm so partial to you). I'm sorry to hear you and your sister don't talk. You know, me and my sister are totally different from eachother, and sometimes we disagree, but I love her and we basically are the same in many ways too. I know that my mom always wanted all her kids to get along, so I rry very hard. It isn't easy all the time, is it? I do hope your relationship turns out better. You are such a sweet blog friend to me.


  3. Nice inviting table...I will take some of the salad and corn, please. Having been born into a French Canadian family, I know what boudin is, but don't eat it...have never been crazy about any sausages...especially boudin noir that my dad's family so loved!
    Have a great week.

  4. Your table and food looks wonderful - what a pretty bright green back drop near that tree, too - what a wonderful way to dine outdoors!

  5. Now that does look marvelously relaxing. A great way to enjoy the evening meal. Boudin is new to me. I had to look it up to learn more.

  6. I am fairly certain I have eaten it since I have visited the great State of Louisiana on a number of occasions and once dated a guy who LOVED to cook this kind of stuff. As I recall, it's a very spicy sausage...kind of like andouille but a different texture. (Maybe I thought it was a different texture because all I eat these days with my old, broken down body is chicken andouille!) At any rate, it's very good. Kind of like a hotdog, though...just don't think about what's in it, and you're golden! :-)

    I love it that you showed the "everyday" side of your dining! You deserve a break after all that work!!! The barn? Really??!??!?!! You sound like my sister! She as horses and a mule and a pig and another animal whose name I can't recall...but it's some type of farm animal. Of course, you're talking to the person who thought she saw kangaroos when she actually saw deer hopping around in a field!!! One had gotten hit on the roadside, and I ran up to the lady's house, knocked on the door and said, "I'm so sorry to bother you, but I think one of your farm animals has been injured. I think it's a kangaroo!" You should have seen her face!!! I'm sure she was looking around for the "Candid Camera" or "Punk'd" cameras!!! I pointed to the others hopping around out in her field, and she said, "Honey, you need to come back sometime when you're not in a hurry and let me teach you about farm animals!" True story. That's been about 20 years ago. I'll never forget it. I now know the difference between a deer and a kangaroo, and I know that kangaroos are NOT farm animals! :-)

    Have a great weekend, Mona!

  7. Your table is really pretty, and I have actually had Boudin from Louisiana from a little mom and pop place in Lafayette...I have to admit tho, it was really soft with very little texture inside so I didn't really care for it. But seeing looks a lot more appetizing then the pale slimy stuff I had! I just might have to try it again....

  8. Looks like a wonderful feast! Cozy and comfortable!
    Never had that sausage. My Irish stomach can't do spices! :)
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  9. Hi Mona, your pictures are so bright and colorful. I love your vintage glasses, napkins, oilcloth and candle holders. Your meal looks scrumptious. We would love the sausage and I love bicolored corn. The salad looks great, too.

  10. Mona, this is wonderful.. I love good sausage and sure wish we could get some of yours here!! Your dinner looks fabulous. Love the vintage oilcloth. And those napkins.. just great. It's nice that you set the table for family. What beautiful memories you are making. xo marlis

  11. I remember when I did a post on our everyday table. My family couldn't understand it, but sometimes our everyday is the best!

    I've never heard of boudin but I now want to find it and give it a try.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. I've never heard of boudin, but I plan to check out the local meat markets to see what they have to offer. I love you tablescape set with special because they are well-loved everyday things...especially the oilcloth tablecloth from your mom...that made my heart happy. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  13. Love the table and especially those flower candle holders! Your oilcloth tablecloth and the napkins are quintessential picnic! The food looks so yummy and I bet that sausage is great! I know I've never seen it up here although we do have specialty meat markets.

  14. What a beautiful Memorial Dinner. I love setting the table outdoors, so romantic and special! Thanks for stopping by with your kind comment! Have a wonderful weekend!


  15. Grilled boudin is the only way to go and I like the seafood boudin the best. Your everyday table is lovely and those veggies look delicious, too. Merci beaucoup for the mention, cher!

  16. Boudin looks mighty good on your table. A friend recently brought me 6 links of boudin which I thought would be enough to last for a while. When the hubby saw it, he couldn't wait to eat it and scarfed about half of it in one sitting, not on a nicely set table either!

  17. I pass the sausage but everything ont the table are absolutely gorgeous.

    Love the tulip candleholders.

    Happy w/end.
    /CC girl