Tuesday, May 7, 2013

While the Dew is Still on the Roses

I often feel like the little girl in this video as I walk in my garden in the early morning..  I think there is a specialness that only a gardener can know about this morning walk while the dew is still on the roses.  Many times I hum or sing this song as I wander about my garden.  I hope you listen to these words as you scroll through my pictures......of the dew on the roses...

It's what makes me the woman I am...walking and talking with Him...alone in the garden.  I hope you find some alone with Him time today....like a child hand in hand....it will change your perspective on life...

I am thankful for my garden because of who I meet there....

Have a wonderful day....


  1. Scrumptious photos! I can feel that cool and lovely hour in the morning garden just looking at them. That song is one of my favorites especially with Alan singing it. Say, wonder if you're following along with the discussion of The Hidden Art of Homemaking given the title of your blog. I'll send you a link via email if I find yours.

  2. Gorgeous images. Funny enough I just posted similar images-we get the same rain after all.

  3. I just moved from my home and garden of 22 years about 3 weeks ago. While ready for a bit less work; I was sad to see the weeds already being allowed to flourish in that space I loved and I miss those early morning walks the most...discovering each new perennial as they came back to life was a favorite pastime! Such lovely photos; thank you for letting me take my walk through your garden!

  4. I love that song - the old hymns are the best, aren't they? Your roses with the dew still on them are so pretty. I hope we have enough warmth soon to dry up the dew or black spot will rule!!