Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Mac

Today is a very special day...it is Mac's fourth birthday......he has brought so much joy into our lives..fun loving and absolutely adorable..he is so affectionate and just so curious...and has an imagination to envy...very creative is this little fella......and I love him with everything in me.....

Happy Birthday Mac

my grandson Mac

notice the car in his hand...



never too young to talk UGA football with Poppy
I believe it is important to start showing children all the possibilities of life from a very young age.  we took them to the UGA stadium and let them run around without all the people there..they were both very interested in seeing the field and all the seats, etc.....one of the benefits of living here.. we can enjoy the town without all of the crowds of people...coming here and being around a university campus is just second nature to them because they have already been exposed to it early in life...

This sweet boy has indeed enriched our lives...

and living alongside of him and watching his life unfold is a great pleasure to us..

Mac we love you to pieces.


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