Monday, July 23, 2012

Going to the Dogs

We have a bunch of absolutely beautiful dogs and I just wanted to brag  share them with you today.....their personalities are as varied as their colors...and they are pretty smart for dogs...

They are Australian Shepherds......their Daddy is a champ and their Mama, well she is a lady of leisure...LOL

I know you will enjoy their antics.......

Mama Bonnie and her babies

always hungry

one Bo

WHAT are you doing back there??????

Queen of the road

sniffing out a tomato


waiting for me

posing for annual, Jake....
They are our joy......great dogs...and just so beautiful.......they will be 3 years old in a week but I just couldn't wait that long to show these to you........

so from Bonnie, Tula, Maggie, Jake and Bo...

we are all glad you stopped by today and hope to see you again soon..



  1. Happy Birthday to those beautiful fur babies.

  2. Beatiful, Mona! They look so sweet - happy early birthday to them!!