Thursday, April 8, 2010


I love this picture of my reminds me of a song their mama used to absolutely love listening to...'Swinging"....  LOL

As I have been pondering the times we are in I know we are at a time of transition.  Probably a lot of us are personally going through this season of life.  When a baby is being born, the hardest and most painful time is trasnsition and it is when most mamas want to quit..  :-) but the end is near and there really is no turning back at that point.  and the joy that waits on the other side is so worth the work it takes to get there.

I am watching my own daughter transition from being a mama with 2 boys to a family of 5 is a huge change for them...they probably don't even know how big of a change they are in because they are just living one day at a time.  but I am a third party watching it happen.  it is exciting and filled with wonder and at the same time scary and full of hard work. She handles transition with so much grace and patience...

I watched my son transition from  being a married man to being a single man with lots of responsibilities .  He weathered the time of transition like a was very smooth for him...He kept his head and persevered even when he wanted to quit.  I am very proud of how he handled it.

Going back to Gatlinburg this year for our anniversary made me think about how quickly things change.   when we started going there was a little 2 lane road from Gatlinburg to it is a huge multi laned road with businesses all along the road...and it has only been 13 years..
I want to be more like the boys in that swing...just enjoying life and enjoying each other...their only care in the world right then was how high I was going to push them...Because of my presence, they felt safe and were not worrying about a thing in this world...We should be more like that....learning to just swing in the times of transition..Going with what is happening in our life and not trying to control every little thing but learning to appreciate the season we are in...Life is too short not to enjoy swinging with someone we love and accepting the times we are in and knowing that this too shall pass..I am not saying don't engage in life..actually just the opposite...Engage and Enjoy....we can do both....

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