Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Remembering Mama

Today is my Mama's birthday.  she would have been 80 yrs old but her life was cut short by a tragic car accident 7 yrs ago...She was on her way to a daylily garden opening ..the first one for that year...when her life on this earth ended...I decided not to give into the depression that I have been fighting while thinking about this birthday that she would not celebrate.. Her life stopped way too soon and she was too young to die but she did and life goes on and I have to choose to remember her life and not just her death.

Mama was probably the most creative and talented woman I have ever known.  At least I got some of her artistic giftings..  :-)  If you had known her you would have said she was elegant...and she was.. when I was little, I loved to watch her dress up..especially putting on the dangling rhinestone earrings and spraying on Chanel no 5...and then putting on her mink stole...now I have that stole and I love looking at it and trying it on...what wonderful memories.

She loved the dirt and loved flowers...as she got older, I would ask her what she did on her birthday and she would say oh, I just worked in the yard....it is what she wanted to do.  I can see her influence in my love of flowers and I think of her when I see how much my grandsons LOVE to be outside...I wish I could share them with her.  it is probably my biggest regret..that she never met her great grandsons..I will tell them about her and her memory will live on...

She was a woman with a lot of life...a great artist, a fantastic pianist, a lovely gardener.....she made a beautiful home.  I certainly got my love of homemaking from her...

I miss her every day...but the sadness is no longer overwhelming.  I choose to remember her life and to live mine with joy because I don't think she would want me to be sad..
Mama, this post is for you...Happy Birthday...I miss you...

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