Monday, April 5, 2010

Creative discipline

Today there is a plot of ground, a HUGE box of seeds, some fertilizer, several tools, a watering can, some sunscreen, a hat, some good shoes, marvelous weather, and some sweat waiting for me.  I am going to attempt to put all of this together and come up with a garden that will be beautiful and will put really fresh and good food on the table until frost in the fall.  This day comes every year and I always get it together but for some reason there is always a little doubt if it will be a good year...But the hope takes over and I get it done...By tonight, the seeds should be in the ground and the rows will be  carefully marked and the FUN of watching for them to sprout will begin.  It seems like summer has come early this year so I am going to try the warm season seeds too...Just writing about this gets me I am off to create a garden...every year is a little different...We gardeners are an optimistic bunch of plant a seed and watch it grow...Happy gardening y'all...

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