Monday, July 29, 2013

Mushroom Beauty

With all of the rain we have had this summer, there is a new type of plant growing in our yard....mushrooms...
Lots and lots of mushrooms....I guess they have just been lying underneath the ground dormant for years..I don't know very much about them except they are pretty....

These pictures were all taken at the end of the day when the sun starts to act just right for photography....some call it the golden hour......It gives the earth a rich and beautiful depth to the colors.....Once again, I am calling attention to a detail that we can easily find if we just look for it.....golden light on brown, tan, and white mushrooms...The colors are worthy of being a pallette for an entire room...or tablescape.  wink, wink..Diane and Alycia...there are your browns.....

Next, a few photos taken in early morning when I first went outside and the camera lens fogged up...interesting to me...hope you like it too.....

Have you ever thought about getting your color inspiration from nature?  All of the colors of paint in my house..inside and outside were taken from nature..with green and gray being the strong influences....It's another whole blog about the gorgeous grays in a stormy sky... But for today, it's the browns of mushrooms and mulch. not the store bought mulch, but the natural kind....real bark..Find the color schemes in nature around you and color....

Thank you for stopping by..I hope to see you again soon..


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  1. So funny - I was just thinking how much I loved the way the browns looked, when I ran across your comment. You know me too well - lol! I love this whole blog. One year, I had a "fairy" ring of mushrooms, but other people on Facebook had to tell me what it was called. Pretty amazing, but it never returned, not even this year!

  2. We love to see mushrooms, too. I took some photos when we were having all that rain, and found quite a few different mushrooms and other fungi growing. I've never had a Fairy ring though.

  3. Just don't eat them!! Last week the parsonage at the church in downtown Danielsville had 4 or 5 fairy rings. 2 were linked like the Olympic rings. I was going to take a picture the next day but they had already mowed the yard.

  4. I think taking colors from nature for indoor decor is a wise idea.

    Would you believe that I have just been whining about the mushrooms all over the place? Now I'll try to appreciate their beauty if I can find any. Ha!

  5. Very pretty pics. We have a few too. Interesting about the fairy ring.

    I can't remember what day last week I emptied my rain gauge and what it said. It has rained everyday but two the last ten days. Today the gauge measured 8 inches. Needless to say we haven't needed to use our irrigation system. Wish I had kept a written record since the mental one hasn't worked.