Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Green Is My Color

I have been thinking about the color green all morning while I picked my garden..  It is my favorite color and I think it is beautiful...

But, you know when it is NOT beautiful?  when it is associated with 'green with envy'...or with jealousy...that is the down side of the color green.

And why?? am I thinking about all of that this morning??  I am going to tell you in just a short(I hope) post...so if you don't have time for any of this, just come back tomorrow when I will have a lovely tablescape to look at and nothing too philosophical...but if you have time, hang on....it's good...

This morning I was having a conversation with 3 friends that I have known most of my life..we talk frequently and I love them dearly..it was just some chit chat..nothing too deep....BUT...I mentioned how I met my husband and the replies I got were astounding to me....they were GENUINELY happy for me...and for the life I now have..and there was not an ounce of JEALOUSY anywhere in their words to me....it felt clean..and joyful..and uplifting..and filled with genuine and real love for me...WOW!!!  just WOW!!

I tell you it got me thinking about how wicked and awful jealousy and envy are.  There is just no room for jealousy in a Christian's life....NONE!   There is no reason to justify feeling it or try to blame another for it.  It is just plain out wrong....and we need to just stop being jealous...and rejoice with others when something good happens to them..I suppose that the only way out of the prison of jealousy is to just make a decision to rejoice over that person rather than be jealous of them.....

I had someone tell me recently that they had jealousy issues like it was a badge of honor they wear..There did not seem to be the desire to get rid of the jealousy..to make a different decision....

It was the wholesomeness of these unjealous friends that caused me to realize just how absolutely nasty it is to be around someone who is jealous and envious.

I read this verse this morning..

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers..

I propose to you that jealousy comes from our souls and if we allow it to stay there, maybe it  effects our overall health and wellbeing...just some food for thought......

Put down your jealousy and envy...don't try to justify it,,,just plain out and simply make a decision to rejoice with good things for others..and see what happens in your life if you do this from your heart...
I know this is where I am today.  I want people that I encounter to walk away from me saying, I am glad I came in contact with her today..She lifted me up...How about you?  don't be a person that teaches by your actions what not to do....

I think that is all I need to write....thank you for staying til the end...

Love, Mona


  1. I'm delighted that I visited your blog today. You are an inspiration, and yes in deed, you lifted me up :)
    For this I say, thank you :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. I think you can tell your true friends by how they react to your own happiness. I have had so many odd reactions to the happy things in my life, all while it seems everyone else celebrates their happiness on the grandest of stages. I am glad you have friends who are capable and willing to be happy for you, without reservation. We all need friends like that.

  3. Great post, Mona. I never really have understood jealousy. I just try to be happy for what I have and for what others have. To me, jealously really is a waste of time!! Love your pretty pins - the one on the bottom left reminds me of one that I own that was my maternal grandmother's. It has amethysts and pearls, but the setting is quite similar!

  4. I think, dear friend, that you should compose a book of your thoughts. You are so good at writing and explaining about verses and issues like this one. I have always felt jealousy stemmed from insecurity. xo, olive

    p.s. that tables cape is over the top pretty btw

  5. Thank you for your kind words on my blog post last week. I'm just getting caught up from vacation, and am loving your pretty green pins. My maternal grandmother had many beautiful pins, and I put them all in a mason jar so I can look at the sparkles when the light hits them just right. Have a great week!

  6. Beautifully said and illustrated. You are a person I would want to be around. Your words are inspiring and I want to save them to read and reread.

    Your pins are very beautiful just like you.

  7. Absolutely! I've longed said that 'If God did not look unkindly on it, I might be tempted to covet that which others have. But since it's far more important to me to live to glorify and please God, I've decided that I'll just be incredibly happy for the other person instead. I think that we are firmly on the same glory-filled page. Cherry Kay

  8. Mona, I liked everything you had to say here, and so very true.

    And your green jewelry is gorgeous! I think it caught my eye because my birthstone is EMERALD.