Friday, June 10, 2011

Simple Food

In case there is someone out there that doesn't know about cucumber sandwiches, I thought I would give you a little help so you can make one and not miss out on one of the most wonderful joys of having a home is that for a run on sentence??  LOL  I have been eating seasonal and local all of my life...way before it was a hip and cool thing to of the main vegetables I wait all winter for are cucumbers from the garden.  there is just nothing like the taste of a cucumber picked and eaten within minutes...especially if it is on a cucumber sandwich.  I grew up in a little south Georgia town during the 50's and 60' of the memories I have is that Mama had bridge club EVERY Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m...When it was her time to host it, no big deal for Miss Faye..she had us children to make the party food for the ladies...we always made cucumber sandwiches for is just a southern way of life to eat them in the I am still eating them and loving them and relishing the freshness of homegrown produce..when we cleaned out Mama's refrigerator during the funeral days, there was her cucumber mixture in there....just waiting for her next sandwich...

So, here is the way to make a very simple and good lunch this summer....

first you pick the cucumber

here are the ingredients and YES Dukes is the best to use..

make sure there is enough to taste!

then slice and sprinkle with garlic salt, liberally

then, it MUST be cut on the diagonal to taste right..LOL
I hope you enjoyed this little visit to South Georgia in the was a good time growing up down there...lots of wonderful memories..

thank you for reading along today...maybe you can just find a cucumber or two to make a sandwich more thing,  it makes them even better if you spread cream cheese on one of the slices of bread..decadent....who needs chocolate when you can have these little sandwiches????

just one daylily picture for today..
gift from Daddy

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  1. I love cucumbers and what could be better on a hot summer day than a cucumber sandwich on Ezekiel bread! I will be making these for lunch. Thanks for the inspiration and have a great weekend!