Friday, January 21, 2011


I just love this saying...and I try to think about it is NEVER too late to be what you might have been..
this is a shelf in my family room... 

this is another little shelf...I have collected metal flower pins for a long here and one there...I just love them....
                                  this is a good reminder, too...    BE YOURSELF

here is the little cabinet in my bathroom.....more of my flowers and jewelry.. I am so glad I am a girl..

I don't know what made me first start collecting things.  I have always liked the search and these flower pins and little feminine touches are spread throughout my house..
they remind me to celebrate being a woman.....that pretty things are fun to look at...that they make you smile..
what do you collect?  is it just whimsical like mine or are you really serious about it?  I really am a collector of collections...
in the process of thinning out and going through and deciding what really makes me smile and what is past it's prime in my life...time to change it up around here.
we are also in process of dismantling my sewing room and Bryan's office and switching them..he is going to have an official OFFICE in our house..not just a shared room with a desk in it.. I have decided to embrace it..that he works from home...and that is will most certainly follow at some point because I plant to do it up right..LOL
thanks for reading along.
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