Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I Love Thanksgiving

I do love this holiday but I must admit..this girl is tired..  I  have been cleaning and redoing and getting ready for 2 weeks.  Now I have some cooking and some straightening up to do tomorrow.  Hallelujah my daughter is coming to help on Wednesday..  I am so excited that she will be here.

I did get the table finished today.  It is a challenge when there will be 7 grandchildren mixed in with the adults.  So there is a mixture of glassware and different sized forks but the rest is the same. I tried to keep it simple and natural this year.  Let's have a look...

These next pictures are of our family room table that we have enjoyed all month.

Frankly these could use some editing but I am just too tired and then they would never get posted kinda like the last 2 years.  LOL  So I am making progress here.  Just a little photography tidbit..  The lighting is what makes the difference in these 2 sets of pictures.  The second group I am using natural lighting and to me they look better.  The first group, I have lamps on because there are no windows in this room.  It makes a lot of difference in how pictures turn out.  None of these are edited in any way.  Learn to pay attention to the lighting when you take photographs.  Such a great way to express your artistic talents..

I hope you enjoy seeing my tables.  They have been fun to design and set.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Enjoy your day no matter what you are doing or who you are with.  All of my children and grandchildren will be here.  This is one thankful and grateful Mama..