Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Garden at Easter

Lately, I have just been enjoying my yard..

and not having very much to say....

Just come walk with me and enjoy my garden....

If you have any questions about any of the plants seen in my pictures, I will be glad to answer them..just leave me a comment...

Have a Happy Easter y'all..  

and remember the true meaning.

It's when Jesus rose from the dead..

and He lives..


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Birds and Chickens on My Table

I am so happy that Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen is having her monthly tablescaping challenge...This month is all about birds, eggs and nests..I have two of these on my table....Come and see what I have done and then go see what all the others have done too...

Since it is our birthday week and we just had our anniversary, I thought I would start out with these lovebirds..

and these so cute chicken egg cups...yes, those are real eggs...for props only...the only thing that makes me gag are egg yellows..I cannot stand them...don't even want them on my plate and I am not a picky eater at all...It's just these yukky egg yellows that get to me...  I know you really wanted to know that..  LOL

I absolutely love my crystal but I rarely use it...need to remedy that and use it more often..  I chose it in 1973 and it was made by Wallace..  The pattern is Cherrywood and it is now made by Gorham but all of mine preceded that..

I brought out my sterling for this spring birthday table... a classic.. Chantilly by Gorham....

The clear charger is from Lenox, the white plates Coalport Countryware, and the black and white plates are Churchill made in England..

This real robin's egg was a big inspiration for this table.  I always pick them up and bring them inside when I find them in my yard.  This one has been on my shelf since last spring.  The color is just of my favorites..

I did a place setting with flowers in the eggcups too.. Which one do you like best? I am leaning toward the flowers....

I am so glad you came by today..Please do come again...

Love, Mona

This was my view while I set the table..the real birds were having a ball at the bird feeder..can you see him on the right side of the feeder?

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come join in the fun...