Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday Flowers #3

Well,'s a day late...LOL


Dahlias love the heat..I have never seen as many dahlias in my life as I am seeing all over the internet.  They must be a fad that has really caught on.  I have been growing them for a few years and plan to continue.. They are gorgeous flowers and pretty easy.  I still have not figured out how to make them last as cut flowers..some say put in very hot water..check
some say flower food in water...check..
I see flower farmers picking buckets of them in the field..they can't really have hot water..LOL  so I stopped that and they seem to be doing a little better..

Nevertheless, I continue to learn...I have a book on hold at my library about dahias.. It's good that I like a challenge...

Dahlias are most welcome in my garden because there is rarely anything that is looking as beautiful as they do during this time of year..the heat, oh, the HEAT!!!

Have a Happy and safe Labor Day!


Giving credit where credit is due.......these pictures were taken in the dahlia garden at the Dillard House in Dillard, GA

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Friday Flowers #2

A bunch of zinnias and a bunch of globe amaranth in pretty little vases.... 

We can all use some beauty in our lives...simple..colorful... and alive...

I know that if you put on your thinking cap, you can add something simple and beautiful to your home today.

I appreciate all of you  and I am surely hoping that soon I am going to wake up with a huge amount of writing inspiration..and picture taking enthusiasm....
Until then, I will always show you flowers....

Enjoy your weekend..


Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Flowers

Dahlia at Dusk

May your weekend be filled with rest and refreshment..

May your days be peaceful and contain joy..

Remember to stop...

and take time for flowers..


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hedges and Crepe Myrtles

As some of you may remember, last year we had a great hedge massacre when our neighbor mistakenly thought our hedge was on his property and chopped it down!!!   I was very upset, to say the least.. LOL

BUT.......  the story has a happy ending.  These pictures were just taken and as you can see, the hedge has made a most wonderful comeback...It is blooming happily and has grown thicker since the cutdown..  That, my friend is the value of a very old landscape.  The roots of this hedge are so old and they were able to recover easily...  I am hoping that I can recover so easily when a setback comes in my life...  This emphasizes the need to have deep roots in my life...  So when someone cuts me down and thinks they have killed me..well, just you watch and see....these roots are deep and this girl can comeback in very unexpecting ways...

And then, we have our crepe myrtles...Some of them are ancient...some of them are just a few years old..
All of them are beautiful...

I will have to tell you about all of our redbirds next time..We have a family of them and have watched them grow up..One of them sits on the bird feeder and eats and eats..he is there right now as I type this blog.. I can see 6 redbirds at our feeders eating lunch..  LOL  I surely look forward to their visits everyday..

Well, that's enough for today..
Thank you for stopping in.  I hope this day is going well for you.....


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Field of flowers

I found this post from a few years ago and thought it was so appropriate for right now..Maybe some of you have not seen it before..and since we are in the midst of zinnia season, I hope you enjoy my words and pictures this morning...

Every once in a while a dream becomes a reality..I mean the vision kind...something that you have seen in your heart and dreamed about one day seeing in real time...Yesterday, that very thing happened to me....we were in the mountains around Clayton GA and rode up to an overlook at the Dillard House..and lo and behold right there...there it was!!! something I have seen in my mind a million times...row after row of blooming ZINNIAS..

I could not wait to get out with my camera and get in the middle of are a few pictures..experiencing them was so much better but I hope you can get a glimpse of this summertime day, in my own yard, I will plant row after row of zinnias.

I just love it when something happens like this.totally unexpected..a little life gift...just riding along a mountain road and WHAM!! just like that..a suddenly...I am right upon something that I have only dreamed about...that is what life is like...make good choices and don't ever stop....PERSEVERE and just when you least expect it..there is total and complete BREAKTHROUGH! what I saw in my heart broke through and I saw with my eyes..I was not looking for it but when I saw it, I KNEW this is IT!!!!! what I had only dreamed about...

What are your dreams??? they don't have to be spectacular..they can be as simple as a field of zinnias...or they can be as big as a children's hospital..the point is...KEEP ON KEEPING ON...when you least expect it, it might just be right around the next curve in the road...or right up that little hill...

Dreams are good things..they give us hope...don't let anyone steal your dreams...even if they seem unrealistic..that's okay..they are DREAMS!!

thank you dear friends for reading along this morning and visiting the field of zinnias..they were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! suddenly a dream fulfilled...
Love, Mona