Monday, July 24, 2017

Winterpast Gardens

I just cannot look at that April date another day on my blog.  The only way to get rid of it is to write a newer blog post.  DUH!

How can so much time pass between writings?  I have no idea..

Let's see what I have stashed in my photos and I will share a mish mash of subjects.. Is that ok?

so much joy

Zinnias from Renee's seeds

macro photography I love

Canna from my brother

the one and only...Tula and Maggie

 I have now officially moved on to the month of July. LOL
My new raised bed garden is a pure delight.  My husband continues to make my dreams come true. He is one in a million..

Love, Mona


  1. Don't feel bad I just posted a blog on Saturday and the last one was in April LOL So don't feel bad, I'm just like you.

    Great photos and love the picture of your dogs. Aren't they the best ever.

    Have a terrific week.


  2. Nice to see you back, Mona. That sunflower picture is beautiful. I think sunflowers are so pretty, even if they are fading away. Your garden is coming along nicely. I hope you are enjoying these sweet summer days. It's pretty hot here, and looking forward to the arrival of Autumn. : )


    1. ps.....on the subject of your recent post, what you said makes sense that if we dwell on the past too much, it gets us out of living in the present, but I also think that memories are a big part of who we are and I often write little stories about things that I experienced growing up and the terrific parents I had. And being a mother, we can't help but remember the wonderful days spent with our children, but it's important to spend lovely days with them now as well, which I did with my son today. : )