Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June at Winterpast

Summer is in full force around here.  The flowers are blooming and the vegetables are beginning to bear..and I have more to do than one person can physically handle.   every year....this happens every year.....and I am ALWAYS surprised.  LOL

Then there is my Bonnie...aging gracefully and still trying to keep up with me in the yard.  Most days are spent inside where she sleeps the day away...Bonnie just turned 14 years old.  She is and has been such a good, good dog...

Dahlias and tomatoes


I am so thankful that we got rain yesterday..We have been so hot and dry that it is hard to keep things least some relief.....
Hoping y'all are doing ok out there...



  1. Bonnie is such a pretty dog. I know you love her dearly.
    I am so impressed with your garden. We would starve if I had a garden. I guess I would learn but I've never had a place to have a garden. My parents had most of my life so I grew up working in theirs.
    It's gotten hot and very humid so I know you get out early or late in the afternoon in your garden.
    Do you have July 4th plans?

  2. Bonnie is so pretty and what a great dog. Your pictures are great. Wish we had some better weather. We are going to get HOT weather Sunday, so much get all my stuff done before then.


  3. Here it is nearly a month later and it is still hot and dry. Did you have to begin watering? I am seriously considering it for my front garden as I don't want my plants to die. I water my five tomatoes...they'll be the most expensive ones ever! Ha. I hope that your darling girl Bonnie stays with you as long as she can. She does look like a love.