Friday, February 19, 2016

Where Do You Get Inspiration?

This morning a friend said she liked my blog and that I should write more.  hmmmmmm

I thought of responding with I don't really have any inspiration lately but..... I remembered a magnet on my refrigerator that says..

She who refreshes others will herself be refreshed...

So, I started to think about that..Is that why it has been so hard lately to write a blog?  I needed to give away what I needed in order to get it..

It has been a very long dry spell..maybe even writer's block.  But, this morning, I am picking myself up, brushing myself off and giving away what I am so desperately in need of...writing inspiration..

and a few pictures of my family room.  As you can see, I was decorating bohemian style before boho was cool.  More on that at a later time..

No staging here..  This is how we live every day.  I do not have the desire nor the energy to make everything perfect and then photograph it and blog about it.  No..  What you see is what you get.  Any day of the week.  If you stop by my house, this is what you real life...

I hope you gather a bit of inspiration from your visit to Hidden Art of Homemaking.
I would love to have a comment from you about this.  As you can see, I am reaching out to you with a bit of inspiration in hopes of gathering some back.....Are you in need of some inspiration too?

Much love,


  1. Any gal who says that she needs no inspiration... I love your "boho" wall. I pinned it once and it sits at Pinterest where I can look at it again and again. I would not presume to advise you, but I can tell you what I do, which is to pretend that I have a visitor and I want to chat with her and show her stuff. Pretty basic requiring nothing lofty.

  2. I love the comfort of your house! Isn't that what living is about? Making a home with family and surrounding ourselves with the things we collect along the way. A beautiful and inspirational post!!

  3. Love your wall of art and cabinets full of collectibles. I'm sure each painting and vase holds special memories. You capture your home well with that dreamy light that I've always liked in your photographs.

  4. I'm back and see your new header. I used to change mine and now it's been so long I've forgotten how.
    I love snowdrops. Your pic is so lovely.I got some shots like that when I first got my 50mm lens but lately I'm not getting the look I want. Did you use a 50mm lens for it?
    I have the same ceramic cabbage that my mother made.
    I love the daffodils and narcissus in your middle pic. Where was that made?
    It was great to hear from you. Made my day.

    1. Yes, is my 50 mm 1.4.. it is a great lens and probably my favorite one...

  5. Sorry your in a lull. I don't read your blog so often. Wish I had time to sit and read.... However, I follow you on Instagram religiously. I've moved, and no longer have my huge garden, chickens, and ducks. I'm in a smaller yard, lots of shade and shrubs. Will you write about your favorite native plants? I'd like to ad some color to my yard, and maybe even some edibles. Can you make some suggestions?

    1. Cheryl,
      I will try to put a blog together about easy and native plants..are you still in Georgia?

  6. Mona, I love your gallery wall and collections. It's much easier for me to post more regularly if I toss aside comparisons and feelings of inadequacy that creep in at times. Just go for it. :)

  7. Hello Mona, thank you for your sweet visits. I do understand about writer's block. I know some bloggers post everyday about this or that. I find that is too much for me. Everyone is different. Your gallery wall is lovely. There is nothing wrong with a lived in look! Love your flowers, adding some spring into your home. Perhaps, write about your love and knowledge of native plants. Happy Spring.
    P.S. a suggestion when you finish your post, notice there is extra space showing. Just backspace up until the last text or photo.