Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Flowers #13

OK..  I am officially in love with my new Canon lens..  It has been a hard go but this morning glory picture did it for me.    and I don't even know why but when I saw this picture, I knew I had not made a mistake in choosing this lens..  I know, I know..this is a post about flowers...but...if I did not learn photography, I could not show them to you...So I strive to get better and better so you can see the flowers...
These are taken using a Canon  EF 70-200mm 1:4L...

I am still pinching myself about this porch addition.  I can hardly believe we have it.  I am so thankful and cannot wait to live out here this fall...  and it also makes a great backdrop to my pictures.

If you are wanting to get better at photography, practice, practice, practice..

I learned an awful lot with my Canon Rebel and the kit lens before I moved up to my Canon 6D and started buying specific lenses....  Photography is a very rewarding hobby..
I hope you have a hobby that you love and have fun pursuing..  and that keeps you learning and growing....

What do you pursue?
One last thing...we had a most precious visitor this weekend....y'all......well, I'll just show you......

And that's all folks.....  I will leave you with a big smile from MaryElla..   Y'all have a good week..

Mona and MaryElla


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  2. Oh Mona, beautiful pictures. Your granddaughter is beautiful and looks like Papa kinda loves her too.
    So glad that you are enjoying your new lens. Have a great weekend taking photos of all your lovely flowers.

  3. Mona,
    Jess has a Canon Rebel, and I have a Canon Power Shot. As you know, taking pictures is a fun hobby of mine. Your new lens really makes a difference with your pictures, especially of the close-up flowers.

    Your granddaughter is precious in these pictures. Now, you can take lots of pictures of her with your new lens. :)