Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Birds and Chickens on My Table

I am so happy that Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen is having her monthly tablescaping challenge...This month is all about birds, eggs and nests..I have two of these on my table....Come and see what I have done and then go see what all the others have done too...

Since it is our birthday week and we just had our anniversary, I thought I would start out with these lovebirds..

and these so cute chicken egg cups...yes, those are real eggs...for props only...the only thing that makes me gag are egg yellows..I cannot stand them...don't even want them on my plate and I am not a picky eater at all...It's just these yukky egg yellows that get to me...  I know you really wanted to know that..  LOL

I absolutely love my crystal but I rarely use it...need to remedy that and use it more often..  I chose it in 1973 and it was made by Wallace..  The pattern is Cherrywood and it is now made by Gorham but all of mine preceded that..

I brought out my sterling for this spring birthday table... a classic.. Chantilly by Gorham....

The clear charger is from Lenox, the white plates Coalport Countryware, and the black and white plates are Churchill made in England..

This real robin's egg was a big inspiration for this table.  I always pick them up and bring them inside when I find them in my yard.  This one has been on my shelf since last spring.  The color is just exquisite..one of my favorites..

I did a place setting with flowers in the eggcups too.. Which one do you like best? I am leaning toward the flowers....

I am so glad you came by today..Please do come again...

Love, Mona

This was my view while I set the table..the real birds were having a ball at the bird feeder..can you see him on the right side of the feeder?

Here is the link for Let's Dish on Wednesday night
and Thursday Tablescapes on Thursday morning
and Seasonal Sundays on Saturday night
come join in the fun...


  1. Oh my goodness your photographs could not be any better Mona. I love the little McCoy bird. The table setting is beautiful. The bird feeder is a happening place. You have almost convinced me to get my tripod out. xo, olive

  2. Very pretty table with a pop of turquoise. That bird is sweet. (I do love yolks; hope that we can still be friends.)

  3. Mona, this post is simply lovely! In your next career, you really need to be a photographer for a magazine like "Southern Lady" or "Southern Living"! They would be lucky to have you. I do like you egg cups and your black and white dishes. I love eggs, but I understand your issue with them - that is the way that I feel about mayonnaise!! Your "love birds" are beautiful - just like you and Bryan!!

  4. Beautiful Mona, absolutely beautiful! I do like the flowers the best! God bless! :)

  5. Beautiful Mona, I agree your photos are stunning. Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

  6. Your photography is fantastic, as is your table!! I love those little love birds and how you used the aqua color with black and white! Yes, use that crystal. We started using ours more regularly when we hit our 50's. I figured our children would want to pick out their own pattern. Funny how it makes everything taste a tad bit better!! :)

  7. Mona the table is lovely. Love the color combination. Such a pretty view of the birds outside also!

  8. Hi Mona! Happy birthday and anniversary wishes to you! I love your lovebird-inspired table with all your pretty things... dishes, crystal, sterling. I do eggs (sorry!) and have one every morning. However, I can't even stand the thought of eating a banana. I guess we all have our own little quirks, don't we?
    Your photography is wonderful, Mona. Wish I could learn from you. xo

  9. Beautiful table, Mona...love the little hints of aqua amidst the black and white.
    You got some really great photo shots...especially the one of the hydrangea alone.
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Your crystal selection is great and I love your egg cups very special.

  11. Lovely table....the Churchill plates are beautiful!

  12. Ooh I love the dishes! You captured all the details beatifully with some great closeups! Those bird egg holders are cute- it took me a while to get used to eating hard boiled eggs. I prefer deviled eggs just to make them less dry. Sorry if that grosses you out too! LOL

  13. Very nice layering of dishes and crystal on your table. The addition of the the black and white plates with that blue and green is great! Everything is lovely. Happy Anniversary and birthdays to you!

  14. Oh my goodness....I love those lovebirds! The plates are wonderful and the view..wow!

  15. Love your bird and chicks table!

  16. Hi Mona, Happy birthday and happy anniversary. Your photos are beautiful and so is the crystal! I like the egg cups with the flowers and also with the robin's egg. I collect the egg pieces from the yard (and our outdoor table!) too and keep them all summer on the kitchen windowsill. This would be a wonderful table for a spring brunch. Linda

  17. Exquisite photos of a stunning table. Your mix of plates offers texture and elegance. The little crystal egg cups are a nice touch, especially with the glass chargers used as a base. Mona, I'd like to pin some of these for inspiration.

  18. So simple and elegant...love this table! Your egg cups and stemware are so pretty.

  19. Gee, Mona, why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel about egg yolks? :-) :-) :-) I understand, though. I fluctuate between loving and hating them. Having high cholesterol has kind of solved it for me in that I can't really eat them anymore, so that's good news! You're so funny, though...you REALLY cannot stand them!!!

    I love those egg cups! I have never seen anything like those before. They really are unique and so, so pretty! I like them with both the egg and the flowers. I guess it would just depend on where you want to go with it! If you wanted to use them for a brunch anytime other than Easter, you could still even go either way since eggs are a breakfast/brunch food year round!

    That's neat that you're able to find those robin eggs in your yard. I've found some, but they were all destroyed already.

    Neat table, Mona! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  20. Hi Mona, so happy to make your acquaintance! I've added you back to my circles and will follow your blog. You have me at tablescaping and gardening! This post is beautiful - all the rich details of the color & pattern - I love it. Looking forward to seeing your blog in my reading list.
    Rita C at Panoply

  21. Love the black. Not what you usually see on an Easter table. So happy that I you'll share this at Seasonal Sundays.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  22. So much to love here. You and I like some of the same patterns. The green hydrangeas against that deep teal are breathtaking. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  23. I am so glad that I am not the only one that gags at the sight of an egg yolk. Yuk!!

    I love the Coalport Countryware plates - beautiful. I love textured plates especially in white and the leaves in this pattern. The whole table is beautiful. Did you make the burlap basket, it is so pretty filled with the green hydrangeas. Thank you for sharing this tablescape is going to be one of my all time favorites. I will be getting your posts via email from now so I don't miss anymore of your posts.

  24. Very pretty tablescape The hydrangeas are beautiful. Quite a contrast with the black, but it works. Isn't it great to watch the birds? Happy weekend to you.

  25. Mona,
    Black, white and green is my favorite color combination for any tablescape, dear one!
    I adore how you varied the patterns within your tablescape!
    I prefer the flowers within the egg cups. . .I am drawn to unique details!
    The turquoise is what drew me to your post!!!
    I was totally mesmerized with your exquisite tablescape and amazing photography!!!

  26. Love those colors together! Such a beautiful table! Wonderful photog too! I am with you on the yellows of eggs, but I eat them scrambled. Hard boiled, no way!
    Thanks for taking the challenge, Mona, great job!

  27. I love so many of the elements on your table, but especially your linens, dish stack and crystal!! So well put together!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  28. Such pretty colours of robin's egg blue and fresh, spring green, and in combination with the black and white, everything looks perfect for your upcoming Easter table!

    Happy Easter, Mona!